A Cool Morning for a Warm Welcome

This is a post from a little over three years ago. Perhaps it will provide a bit of our back story, or just a little life inspiration. Either would be good, but I prefer the latter…

You would think that 933 miles north would necessarily be colder. In many ways it has been. Cool evenings. Chilly nights. Windows open wide in the “heat” of an August afternoon. Tights under jeans for the Friday night football game.

Then again, the reception has been so warm. Cards. Dinner delivered.
Help unloading. E-mails. Dinner delivered.
Help setting up. Texts. Dinner delivered.
Phone calls. “Hello movies”.
A gift basket left on the porch. Dinner delivered.
Money tree… oh, and dinner delivered.

On the tree we discovered a gift certificate for the local Farmer’s Market. Several had mentioned the market. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sounded like something we needed to investigate. It took a good six weeks to find the right Saturday. And there was the issue of a tour guide. It would definitely be easier to navigate the ins-and-outs of the local market with an expert. Or perhaps someone who has at least been there a time or two.

cool morning

So the day finally arrived. It was a cool one. Perfect for roaming through the booths and bins of fresh produce and cut flowers. Apples, squash, heirloom tomatoes, greens, sunflowers, free range chickens, fresh herbs… the autumn selection spanned a block or two. We learned a lot. Saw new vegetables and decided to be adventurous with a few of them. Patty pan squash – looks great on the table, especially next to the butternut squash for a delicious pie. That one up there on the table. It was worth the raving. Definitely a do-over.

The coffee and conversation afterwards were priceless. There’s just something about a warm beverage that calls us to slow down. To sit a spell and listen. Really listen. To share a few tears and connect on a heart level. To learn about her world.

Turns out, any time is a good one for a warm welcome. To be received so graciously. To walk through routine moments slowly. To learn to do this life stuff with others. To hear their back story. To listen for different heart-languages and learn to speak them.
Can’t wait for the next cool morning… for a warm welcome.

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