Years ago when my mom and dad started leading international mission trips, their favorite line was, “Plan, plan, plan.. adjust, adjust, adjust”. Though it sounds like a quaint little phase, it’s the absolute best way to approach the surprises of such an assignment. Somehow, I can more easily adjust to the surprises and interruptions, if you will, of a two week long trip than those of my day to day life. It’s one of those things I am still learning, typically with more opportunities to apply the truth than I would prefer.

These past two weeks have brought a much-welcomed change of pace here in the bluegrass known as spring. After a long, cold winter it is a much anticipated sight. The pear trees have been in full bloom all over town. They are glorious! But…. with them come our reputation for being one of the worst  cities in our nation for seasonal allergies.

Soooo, my “plan, plan, plan” mantra quickly took a back seat to “adjust, adjust, adjust”.  There’s no keeping track of the meals and “slack” that my husband and kids have cheerfully picked up. They pretty much rock, but that’s another post.

Some of the other bright spots look a lot like shifting from this…


To this…



And then there was the one evening when the girls and I picked up a movie at the library and painted rocks. Because we can! And we did! Here are a few of the little guys to scatter in the flower bed…


Here’s to a week ahead with  lots of fun plans.  And to a heart that is willing to adjust to whatever or whomever the day brings.

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