In the meantime

We’ve had lots of activity around here this past week. Well, to be completely accurate, some of us have appeared to be more active, while others appeared to be more sluggish. That’s what happens when 75% of the house comes down with a stomach bug. There’s lots of healing activity going on, but it doesn’t always appear to be so.

Fortunately for me, I was part of the 25%. Well, to be completely accurate, that was last week. Today is starting to feel like a different story. And just when I had lots of exciting pictures and ideas and dreams to share here!

Alas, they will have to wait while we let the magical apple cider vinegar do its thing. I just bravely swallowed down my dose of the stuff that somehow makes the icky head for the hills. Praying it does the trick, because ain’t no one got time to be sick. Ever.

In the meantime, how about a sneak peek of what our front porch looked like Saturday morning…



Don’t be jealous now, it simply isn’t a very becoming character trait. We have been blessed with a great deal on a house, but the landscaping has been found lacking in the creative department. I’ve focused on the interior where we actually live, but am beginning to get to some of the exterior wish lists.  How very fun it all is!

Friday was filled with lots of errands and I brought these beauties home to make this “setting the tone for the home” outdoor space more inviting and in line with the feel of the rest of our home…

imageOh the fun ahead! It already looks better, but there is so very much to do. Fortunately, the dreaming and the journey are all a part of the process. For today,I’ll be flopped on the couch perusing Pinterest and reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be done yesterday. I will choose to simply enjoy the journey.

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