All I really need to know about blogging I learned in Write 31 days


Choosing to Redeem
Choosing to Redeem

All I really needed to know about how to blog and what to write and how to be a blogger I learned in the Write 31 Days challenge. Wisdom was not at the top of the SEO stats, but there in the daily writing on my blog.

Don't all shopping lists include 2 fancy cowboys?
Don’t all shopping lists include 2 fancy cowboys?

These are the things I learned:

  1. I can write every day.
  2. I actually enjoy writing
  3. I can’t seem to write every day and keep up with my house the way I would prefer.
  4. I can, however, write 3 to 4 times a week.
  5. I enjoy having a plan, structure and focus for blog posts.
lots of storage room
Behind the door storage.

6. Posts don’t have to be perfect.
7. They can be corrected and updated later.
8. Multiple times if necessary.
9. Or I can learn to live with imperfection.
10. There is almost always something to write about

authentic is it's own sort of exquisite
authentic is it’s own sort of exquisite

11. I may spend all day November 1st leisurely reading, sipping coffee and even napping if the urge hits.
12. Or I may not be able to stand that for an entire day, we shall see.
13. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the community of #write31days
14. I’m excited about the momentum this challenge has created for me.
15. I have so very much to learn about blogging.

My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14
My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Exodus 33:14

16. I really have already learned more than I realized.
17. There are tons of apps to improve photography while you’re saving for a big girl camera
18. You can actually go from 0 views on your blog to over 1200 in one month.
19. Especially when your sister-in-law guest posts.
20. And a sweet blogger friend links to another post.

Felted Wool Hot Pad Tutorial
Felted Wool Hot Pad Tutorial

21. Redemption is evident all around us.
22. I get to extend redemption and help others find it.
23. This has all been so much fun, I look forward to the day when it is my job.
24. That will be the coolest job ever – outside of wife and mom which is hands-down my favorite!
It is possible to redeem a fledgling blog in 31 short days.

A bistro set in the making

A bistro set in the making

No matter how experienced you are as a blogger, when you write for the real world, its best to hold hands and stick together.

Down river at Cumberland Falls
Down river at Cumberland Falls

*thanks to Robert Fulghum for his infamous poem, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” and inspiration for this post

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Mama's handkerchiefs
Mama’s handkerchiefs

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