Comfort for tough days and redemption at it’s best

This is a post I never thought I would actually write. Somehow, I guess it just feels intensely personal, even private, and potentially awkward for others. And yet, I find it very comforting.

Just over six years ago we lost my mom. It was an unexpected infection that her body simply could not battle. One of the blessings was being able to spend those last 10 days with her, my dad and sister at her bedside in the hospital. And my brother was even able to fly home from Siberia in a matter of days, something that has never happened in the almost 20 years he has lived there. They were rough days for Mom and each of us together as we faced the possibility of losing her. They were also filled with sweet moments when we were able to focus on Mom and our family without the daily distractions of life-as-usual, and even laugh about some of the memories we had created together.

It has been tough, this grief journey, and has given me an empathy for others who have walked through their own losses. It has grown each of us, clarified our perspectives and directed the moments of our days. It has also deepened the bond within our family, for which we are all grateful.

Mom was an avid seamstress, scrap booker, reader and lover of Scripture and discipling other women in their walk with Christ. Many of my own interests reflect her love for similar things.

There are many reminders about our house of Mama. Sewing supplies and machines, pictures, pillows from old sweaters. But the thing I’ve never really shared about are her old flannel jammies. It just seems too personal. Don’t even ask me to explain that, as I don’t quite understand it myself. But I do know they have brought a good deal of comfort to me.

Mom and I were not the same size, nor did we really share the same sense of style. So, the few clothing items I have of hers have been re-purposed into other items, like our winter pillows. The jammies have also undergone a transformation.

Mama's handkerchiefs
Mama’s handkerchiefs

It’s simple really, I just cut squares as big as I could squeeze out of the flannel and finished the edges with a rolled hem. They have been the best handkerchiefs I have ever had.

Mainly because I had never really used handkerchiefs, and now I’m completely ruined for Kleenex. The flannel handkerchiefs are so much sturdier and softer than Kleenex, and I almost always have one in my purse. But more than that, like most of us, when I’m sick I really just want my Mama. Along with a big pot of her potato soup topped with shredded cheese and crumbled bacon.

And if it’s tears I need to dry, then these handkerchiefs are the closest thing to a Mama hug that I have, and somehow it simply makes things better. It’s easier to remember what her advice would be on tough days, to see her smile directed at me and to feel her Mama hugs.

So, as odd as this whole idea may seem to some, it has been of great comfort to me, and easily one of the sweetest redemption projects I have ever done.

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A Christ-follower, wife, mom to 4, lifestyle blogger, seamstress and seeker of daily glimpses of God's grace and redemption.

16 thoughts on “Comfort for tough days and redemption at it’s best

  1. Dear Beth
    As you might imagine, I LOVED this blog. Over the years I’ve so enjoyed watching you live your life because it so often has brought back sweet memories of your Mom and how she lived her life. I remember well her many “projects” and her exquisite organizing of all she accumulated. 🙂
    The first word of the title for this blog epitomizes her in my mind and heart….COMFORT. Her physical presence, her hugs, her smile, her words and her willingness to share life fully brought me (and so many others!) comfort many times.
    You are your own beautiful person, Beth…but I love what I see of your Mom in you.
    Bless you, dear one.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Mary. What a blessing you and Jack have been to me and our family – from life direction, being my second Mom and the friend that you were to Mom. Love you, Mary!

  2. Oh, this has melted my heart completely. How precious. I am very close with my mother and I try to cherish each and every moment that I have with her. This is an absolutely beautiful idea. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a tenderly beautiful keepsake made from the comforts of your Mom. The loss is hard and deep, and we so often wish we could call them to talk about things, don’t we? Praying for your heart to be comforted now. She would be so delighted, I am sure, that you redeemed her jammies into something that cares for others, as well as yourself.

    1. Yes it’s true! I’m quite sure she would have sat down right next to me to stitch up handkerchiefs from her Mama’s jammies too, complete with decorative stitches and little embellishments here and there.

  4. I just recently signed up to receive your blog posts. Your perspective on family, life, and God have resonated with me. Some of your posts have brought back memories of your mom as well…such an awesome lady. I lost my own mom just a couple of months ago. Your posts on your mama and how you have repurposed some items is timely. Even the “mama” touched my heart. I had always called my mom “mom” until the last several months of her life and it became “my sweet momma”… Your mom would be so proud of you, Beth, and the woman you have become. Blessings to you and your family.

    Barb Renshaw

    1. Oh Barb, such sweet words! This connection with others who have lost their Mama is one none of us desire, but it’s strong and healing. Praying for you as you continue adjusting to your new “normal”

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