Intervention for a self-proclaimed Jewelry Addict

Remember those jewelry boxes we had as girls? The kind that had lots of little drawers and slots for rings and earrings? Those were the ones my girls dreamed of for Christmas when they were in elementary school. Until mid-February when they had tossed all their necklaces in one section and they morphed into a ginormous tarnished tumbleweed.

I have a pretty cool shadow box for most of the things I wear on a regular basis. But my sister-in-law Diane actually makes jewelry and has a much more extensive collection. She sent a picture yesterday of a little storage system that she made and y’all, it’s pretty cool! She is a kindred thrift-shopping-seamstress-think-outside-outside-the-box type and I decided it would be fun for her to share her little project today.

So here’s a little DIY treat for hidden jewelry storage in her words …

I’ve been mulling this project over for a while and finally buckled down yesterday with satisfying results. The best part was that I had all I needed in the garage…I can’t remember the last time I was able to complete a project without three thrift store adventures and two trips to Home Depot!

now you see it, now you don't
now you see it, now you don’t

I collect large frames that I use in photo sessions and this $1 beauty was re-redeemed for a new purpose. I’m not sure where the full extension drawer slides originally came from but they have been in the garage for – I kid you not – at least 15 years! I just KNEW they would be useful one day … yesterday was their day. I had a roll of screening out there too … doesn’t everyone?

Close-up of the picture frame with the screen and drawer slides
Close-up of the picture frame with the screen and drawer slides

I stapled the screen to the back of the frame with my handy dandy staple gun, if you don’t have one, get one! It took a little trial and error to figure out the placement of the slide on the picture frame and the armoire. I wanted it completely hidden behind the armoire when not needed and fully accessible when pulled out. It turns out the tall, narrow frame was just right. I used 3/4 inch drywall screws, because that’s what I had, and my screw gun (which remains hidden under my sewing machine from my son and husband) to attach the slide to the armoire and the top and bottom of the frame.

plenty of space here, well, maybe not
plenty of space here, well, maybe not

Fish hook earrings slide easily into the screen and I bent small paper clips into hooks for necklaces. Now you see it, now you don’t. I am pleased, but it doesn’t hold all of my jewelry, so I may just make another!

Just a couple hints I figured out along the way:

  • A flat frame is better than an ornate one since the slide is mounted to the front of the frame.
  • My frame was silver so the silver slide blends in, but this project is more utilitarian than aesthetically pleasing.
  • Be careful when screwing into the back of your furniture because you don’t want to screw through the back of your drawers! You may need a block of wood on the inside to reinforce the armoire where the slides are attached.

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