Kitchen chaos tamers

It’s Monday … after a really great weekend! When our days are filled with lots of awesome, our house tends to show it, and Monday’s call for a bit of reclaiming. Today, it was the kitchen. Not a deep cleaning by any means, just setting things to rights so we can continue to function in the week ahead.

So, I figure it’s a good day to share a few of my favorite kitchen chaos tamers. With three teens at home, all of whom do some of their own cooking and food prep throughout the week, not to mention my husband and I,it seems kitchen chaos can break out an any moment.

In no particular order, my favorites include …

deep drawers and sticker labels
deep drawers and sticker labels

Deep drawers and sticker labels. When we remodeled the kitchen in our last home, most of our base cabinets had deep drawers. They were great for our everyday dishes because it allowed the kids to be part of the setting and cleaning up process without having to drag a chair over to reach an upper cabinet. Now I keep all of our spices in a deep base cabinet drawer because it’s so much easier to organize and see everything than any shelf storage system I’ve found.

Next up …

turntables and recycled jars
turntables and recycled jars

Turntables and recycled jars. Having lived in Florida for years, I’m programmed to store dry goods in completely sealed containers instead of boxes or bags. These recycled salsa jars are perfect for so many things in our kitchen.

I remember my mom using turntables in the kitchen cabinets, and now I understand why. I’ve picked up quite a few at thrift stores and have only had to purchase a couple of them brand new.

And my favorite chaos tamer …

Chalkboard contact paper and chalkboard markers
Chalkboard contact paper and chalkboard markers

Chalkboard contact paper and chalkboard markers. I absolutely love this stuff! I’ve purchased several rolls at Hobby Lobby and used some favorite die cut shapes to trace these labels. You can buy them pre-cut, but I wanted too many of them to justify that expense.

The chalkboard markers are great because they are much more clear and durable than standard chalk, yet they can be washed off with a damp cloth, And yes, I put some chalkboard paper on the shelf edge. Not because I’m that militant, but because it reminds everyone where things go without me having to recite a lecture and everyone else having to listen to it. And that’s a win-win for everyone!

And there you have it. My favorite ways to tame kitchen chaos. Granted, things still get stuck in the wrong place, but nowhere near as often as in the past. Do you have any favorite kitchen chaos tamers? We would love to hear your tips in the comments section!

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