On full calendars, migraine hangovers and rest

This Write31days challenge has been a great growing experience. There are so many things I’ve learned and enjoyed and were only a week in. You can look for more on that as this little series comes to a close at the end of the month.

But as far as today? Well today isn’t quite progressing as planned. Between these tiny little entries, each carrying looming deadlines that can only be shouldered by me…

A month full of opportunities or crazy
A month full of opportunities or crazy

And this huge blessing that is currently disguised as a mess scattered on the floor of the sewing room.

A blessing in disguise
A blessing in disguise

And the lovely migraine-inducing ragweed, complete with a groggy 30-hour hangover…

The previous plans for today’s post have been laid aside. At first it felt like they had been hijacked. Then I remembered the purpose of all these musings and I walk away with no doubt that my checklist for the day needs redeeming. Right now.

My hubby and I are preparing for a weekend that is sure to be a blessing, but it’s not fair to either of us if I head into it completely frazzled. So after allergy shots, an errand and teaching a sewing class, I’ll be working on this…

It's Simply Tuesday. My very own copy.
It’s Simply Tuesday. My very own copy.

I ordered it this past week to join the book club at incourage.me and I’m pretty sure it’s exactly how the snippets of this day need to be spent.

I do have a plan for tomorrow’s post… about the craziest thing I requested of my kids this month.




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  1. I love that you are doing the 31 day thing! Let me know how you like the book. It’s been on my list for a while but I haven’t ordered it yet. I hope your migraine leaves and stays gone!

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