Open shelving in the laundry room

Something about a Monday morning makes me just want to organize. I suppose it’s a lot like January in that way. After we’ve cleared away the remnants of fun over the holidays (or weekend), its time to restore order.

For me, that meant grocery shopping today, and the lovey task of storing all the food when I got back home. Some days I truly wish there was a service to put all the groceries away while I sipped a warm cup of coffee. Wouldn’t that be awesome!

Remember the canned goods shelf we built for behind our laundry room door? You can see the details here if you missed that one. We had a fairly blank slate in the laundry room when we moved into our home. Small, but blank. And we were also blessed with high ceilings, which we all know helps with the small factor.

We considered adding some cabinetry from the Habitat ReStore, but the more I searched and pinned, the more I realized that what I really wanted were some open shelves. With the ceiling height, we could put in three shelves with lots of space between each one.

Laundry room shelves
Laundry room shelves

So, one weekend we picked up some 1 x 12 pine and nine brackets (about 10″ from the corner to the tip in both directions). I liked the basic look of the brackets with just the right amount of detail, and the fact that it was one of those weeks when Hobby Lobby had marked them at 50% off. What’s not to love about that?

The shelves were one of the easiest things we’ve done. We cut the wood to span the wall over the washer and dryer, sanded it and painted it with our white trim paint. The semi-gloss finish makes it easy to wipe down. My hubby drilled the brackets right into the studs, because he knows I have a tendency to overload shelves. Then we laid the painted boards on top and drilled those in so they were secure. That’s it.

The boxes are the sturdy kind from the auto parts store that we used when we moved. I just wrapped some old burlap coffee bags around them to make them more interesting. The brass buckets and most of the other containers were picked up at local thrift shops. There is enough room to hold extra boxes of cereal, chips and whatever needs a home each week.

A few of my favorite things in this room are one of the glass beverage drink dispensers from our daughter’s wedding and the set of Christmas cookie cutters that had been my Moms. The picnic basket on the top shelf is full to overflowing with a ton of cookie cutters that Mama also gave me over the years. And my other favorite thing is the checkered table cloth that my husband made for the table at dinner the night he proposed 25 years ago.

It’s nice to have storage for these bigger items in the laundry room. It’s even better that it’s pretty, inexpensive and has sentimental touches.

Because, laundry is inevitable – why not make the surroundings pleasant, right?

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