Open shelving or window treatment

If you ever move to Lexington Kentucky there are a few things you’ll discover.
The tea is sweet.
The horse farms are gorgeous.
The people are friendly.
And the houses are really close together.

Like, way closer than any other home we’ve lived in. Maybe the people are friendly simply because they’ve learned the importance of being kind to your neighbor. Hmm, there may be something to this close house thing!

The window by our kitchen table faces our neighbors house, and we like to pretend we had the brick wall added for the charm of it all. It actually is on the second story too, so it creates a bit of privacy and coziness which I’m all about. Enough privacy in fact that we don’t even need curtains, allowing all sorts of light to flood the room and spill into the adjoining kitchen and living room.

The French doors that share a corner with the kitchen window, do however need curtains. There are blinds inside the glass of the French doors, but I’ve never been a big mini-blind person. It’s one of the first things I replace when we move into a home, preferably with curtains to flap in the breeze and add their own charm to each room.

So, what sort of window treatment will work on two spaces within feet of one another, one with and one without a curtain? Well, remember the open shelving in the laundry room that we talked about last week? As it turns out, those are not just helpful for storage. They make a pretty cool window treatment too. The only difference is that we added some L brackets to the top of these shelves in the center since we couldn’t put brackets below them.

The shelf and vintage tea towels as a window treatment
The shelf and vintage tea towels as a window treatment
A simple curtain rod makes it both
A simple curtain rod makes it both

They were easy, inexpensive and one of the things that people notice and comment about all the time. They usually hold a collection of vintage kitcheny stuff along with some vases, until Christmas that is.

At Christmas they get dressed up with greenery, some wooden cranberry garlands and white twinkle lights. Because white twinkle lights make everything cooler. Then as soon as it starts to get dark, even before dinner, those lights come on and everything is magical. Even a pot of basic spaghetti and crusty bread seem like a special meal. And as far as I’m concerned, any day you can make the ordinary special is a good day.

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