Isaiah 43:1-5
Isaiah 43:1-5

This life is an interesting journey to say the least. It’s full of twists and turns that we never see coming. Some days those turns are like an exhilarating theme park ride. Others  feel more like rounding a corner on a narrow road and meeting a semi-truck head on. The emotions may carry the same names, but the intensity and good or bad bent of those can be vastly different.

I love this passage. I doesn’t shy away from the fact that there will be hard seasons. Tough days. Beyond bearable moments.

Though these times are never our first choice, they do come and looking back they often result in tremendous growth. And with growth comes growing pains.

But notice something about these verses. Those times happen to be right in the middle of this passage. Just like life, right?

On the front end, God tells us not to fear because He has redeemed us. We are His. He has called us by name.

And at the close of the passage? Again He tells us not to fear. Because HE is with us.

There’s something to this settling of our hearts with this truth on the front end of life that can carry  us through the tough seasons held in His firm grip.

Yes, we will go through struggles and trials and we may feel very alone in the midst of them.

But when we have chosen to walk with Him, we are NEVER alone. He is ALWAYS with us.

Sometimes He also gives us the added blessing of others to walk with us. They may not be able to carry our burden, but their companionship can make such a difference.

So what’s your journey today? Do you know that He is with you? He has summoned you by name? Have you answered?

Is He calling you to walk with another? Not even to carry their burden, but to simply walk beside them? To be there?

I pray that His words will sink deep into your soul today. Because we all know the hard times will come, if you’re not already in the thick of them.

Settle it now. Then you can approach life’s seasons with Him, instead of with fear.

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