Sometimes it’s all a matter of perspective defines perspective as “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view”.

Considering something from a different point of view is not always an easy task. Adopting a different attitude about that same thing takes it a step further and always asks more of us.

They also define redeem as to “gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment”.

Payment may come in the form of a coupon. Or, in a perspective change that requires giving up one idea for a greater one.

Last month we had 5 house guests over the weekend for a conference our church was hosting. The only things I knew about these individuals were that they had all given of their own time and expense to travel several states to bless us. Most of them were also empty nesters or retired.

That can instill a bit of fear in the heart of a Mama with 3 teenagers still living at home. I know the condition of our home in the day-to-day, with school and sports and work and meetings and.. Each of us did our weekly chores, beds had been changed and towels were stacked. We were ready for company.

Then I walked past our guest bathroom and noticed the patch of drywall under the mirror that I never touched up. I painted that bathroom nine months age. Nine months people! And it sat there, almost done for that long. The beautiful thing was that as quickly as I noticed it, I decided that in the big scheme of things, it really didn’t matter. So I smiled and walked away to chill the last hour before we greeted our guests.

Perspective: bare drywall really is just a 1st world problem
Perspective: bare drywall is really just a 1st world problem
 That’s huge for this type A to-do list loving girl. It was a perspective change for me – moving the painting from the to-do list to the not really a priority right now list. It allowed me to redeem the moments and prepare for our weekend mentally, instead of stressing myself and everyone else out.

The real victory came in knowing that I was not being grumpy and stressing out my family with an unimportant task that I chose to hang over my head. I’m sorry to say, this has not always been the case.

I am touching up the paint in the bathroom today. Not because my list is the boss of me, but because I already have paint out for other projects so why not take a few minutes and finish this task?

Let me also add, if you decide to write a post about the importance of perspective in redeeming moments of life – don’t accidentally delete it before you hit publish. There’s nothing like an immediate opportunity to practice what you preach!

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