The authentic brings the exquisite

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect.”

I’m not sure where this quote originally came from, but I’ve seen it lots of places. Perhaps it’s because it resonates so loudly with many. There is something deep within that wants to hide our imperfections, and yet deeper still is a longing to simply be real.

Authentic is it’s own sort of exquisite, isn’t it?

red glass mosaic candle holder

I have a beautiful glass mosaic candle holder on the shelf over our kitchen window. When I found it I just knew it would be gorgeous with a candle reflecting light from all it’s glass tiles.

In the process of moving a few years ago it took a little tumble off our bed and one side was shattered. My friend and I looked at each other and decided that packing tape would be the perfect solution. And it was.

the broken, imperfect, no longer whole
the broken, imperfect, no longer whole

I’m so glad we didn’t pitch it because it was no longer perfect. Because it was no longer whole. Because, some would say, it was no longer exquisite.

But that would be wrong.

It’s no longer perfect, but it is beautiful. It’s no longer whole, but it is exquisite. It’s only a decorative piece, and yet … for me, it’s a daily reminder.

It makes me smile. To know “the whole story” of this little candle holder and to so clearly see it’s beauty, usefulness, exquisiteness … this is a good reminder for one like me. It’s a good reminder that this life isn’t about perfection, wholeness or outward beauty. It’s more about brokenness, becoming whole and an inner beauty that makes others smile.

authentic is it's own sort of exquisite
authentic is it’s own sort of exquisite

The sort of beauty that comes from the authentic.

The sort of beauty that puts others first, even in it’s imperfection.

The sort of beauty that puts them at ease, because of it’s brokenness.

The sort of beauty that allows the light to shine through to illuminate everything that is fortunate enough to be nearby.

Because in the real world, it’s the imperfections and brokenness that actually create the exquisite.

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