Food allergies and eating outside the box

It’s not that I’m picky. Or trendy. Or that I have such amazing restraint and discipline. Though I will say that “watching my girlish figure” is more of an issue in this second half-century of days. But none of these are the reason I eat such an odd diet.

It’s the migraines. Sigh. This food allergy and eating outside the box thing has been a journey of years, I’ve honestly lost track of how many at this point.

Butternut Squash Crab Bisque from Carmel at It's amazing!
Butternut Squash Crab Bisque from Carmel at It’s amazing! Check out the other yummy paleo recipes on her blog.

There’s a list. Well, technically there are two lists. The first list is made up of those foods that can bring on the headache within a matter of minutes, rendering any semblance of reasonable thinking useless for the remainder of the day, and maybe the next too.

The second list are those foods that are acceptable in smaller doses. That is until too much of said food tips the scales and then hello, migraine. It’s kind of like a game of Jenga in that each of these foods may or may not be the one that brings the tower crashing down. I enjoy playing games. But I prefer the other version of Jenga – the one with the real blocks of wood. It’s just less painful.

Burgers for breakfast anyone?
Burgers for breakfast anyone?

That being said, breakfast has always been my favorite meal. Regardless of the time of day, I’m a firm believer that breakfast is always a good idea. So what’s a breakfast-loving girl to do when the first list includes such things as gluten, dairy, eggs and corn? Add to that the second list with it’s rice, refined sugars and a number of other yummy items.

Well then you’re pretty much left with the choice of eating way outside the box or fasting, and the fasting thing can bring on it’s own migraine. Having traveled to several countries in the past ten years, I’ve seen that the breakfast fare looks more similar to the dinner fare throughout the world. I read once that having dedicated breakfast foods is a rather American thing. Yet, one more thing to love about this country of ours, right?

Spinach and a fried egg? Turns out it's pretty tasty
Spinach and a fried egg? Turns out it’s pretty tasty

This little malady has forced a paradigm shift for me when it comes to breakfast. Yeah, it can be a pain because the number of foods I can grab in a hurry are few and far between. But it has forced some creativity, and I actually feel better and have more energy when I stick to whole foods and a mostly Paleo menu.

Roasted sweet potatoes and an omelette, in the pre-egg allergy days
Roasted sweet potatoes and an omelette, in the pre-egg allergy days

One of my absolute favorite breakfasts is roasted sweet potatoes and sausage. I chunk up the sweet potatoes and toss them in a bag with coconut oil, salt, cinnamon and cloves and roast them for about an hour. They freeze well, and when I want to heat them I toss them in a cast iron skillet to brown with some crumbled sausage. My favorite sausage recipe is from the book Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield (also a favorite cookbook). Before I knew I was allergic to eggs I enjoyed topping this combination with a crispy around the edges over-medium egg. My teenagers even ask for this for breakfast. Seriously!

Fish and veggies over Froot Loops? Absolutely!
Fish and veggies instead of Froot Loops? Absolutely!

I’ve also been known to have a burger, pork chop or fish and green beans for breakfast. And once you work past grieving that a deep dish Chicago style pizza is no longer in your future, a butterflied and pounded chicken breast pizza crust actually isn’t such a bad option.

They can be rough, but they can also spark creativity, healthy living and a new appreciation for flavors
They can be rough, but they can also spark creativity, healthy living and a new appreciation for flavors

So if you’re one of those who made some sort of resolution about losing weight or eating healthier or taking better care of yourself … or if you’re just someone with a hearty sense of adventure, then let me invite you to give it a try. Live on the edge and have some dinner food for breakfast. It feels a bit weird at first, but I have to say it’s pretty awesome to get up from the breakfast table knowing that you’ve already tallied at least two of your daily veggies. And you can kiss that mid-morning slump goodbye too.

If you already eat a paleo or food-allergy diet then by all means, share your best tips and ideas in the comments for the rest of us. And if you do decide to live on the edge and try this different approach to breakfast for one day, then let us know what you think. Yes, even if it’s something you never want to do again. Ever.

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