Sharing a little love

The snow is falling down and the ideas are swirling about in my head.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I’ve got hearts on my mind.

When ours kids were younger we would often bake sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped sugar cookies, of course.

All sizes. Short and squatty. Long and lean. From tee-ninsy to ginormous.

Sugar cookies ... under all the icing and sprinkles
Sugar cookies … under all the icing and sprinkles

And, naturally, they were promptly slathered in icing the way that only chubby little toddler fingers can slather. Once the icing was twice as thick as the cookie itself, they were declared perfect. It seemed each of the kids could go through an entire jar of sprinkles for every half-dozen cookies. Talk about sharing a little love!

Typically we didn’t do loads of sugar but … hey, Valentine’s Day only rolls around once a year and it always felt like a good day to store up some “Cool Mom” points.

As a young girl I remember Mama making little “happies” for us. Happies, (hap-ees) noun. defn. an item not quite big enough to classify as a gift, but still notable enough to be a fun surprise for it’s recipient. One year it was several of these quilted hearts hanging on our bedroom doorknob.

Sharing the love ... a Mama's heart
A Mama’s heart

Small? Yes!

Simple? Yes!

Significant? Yes, enough so that I’ve kept it for over 30 years. It makes me smile.

So in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some ideas you can whip up for Valentine’s Day. They will either involve some basic sewing or non-sewing options. If you choose the sewing option, you can probably get by with less than a yard of quality felt or a few felted wool sweaters. I’m going with white, beige, grays and maybe a touch of red, because I’m pretty much loving the colors of winter right now. Perhaps it’s because when I glance out the window it looks like I’m living in a snow globe.

Sharing the love with a few Valentine's Day happies ... and a giveaway
Sharing the love with a few Valentine’s Day happies … and a giveaway

Why quality felt? Because the edges of felt don’t have to be finished and the high quality stuff is only slightly more expensive and has a better weight to it than the pre-cut rectangles. It will create a more finished look that will last much longer.

You can expect projects that will work for both guys and gals and a variety of ages, from preschoolers to their teachers and grandparents.

And the really fun part? Every subscriber will be entered to win a little happy. Simply click on the subscribe button up there in the top of the side bar, or at the end of this post if you’re reading on a phone, and fill in your e-mail to receive updates whenever a post is published. No need to worry about privacy, your e-mail will not be shared, sold or publicized in any way.

So go ahead and sign up as a subscriber then stay tuned at the beginning of next week for instructions on our first happy.

Because everyone can use a little extra love, right?


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