From too much of a good thing to deliberate slowing

I used to be pretty good at multi-tasking. Let’s face it, I didn’t really have many options. Who does, right?

There are seasons when options seem quite minimal. Fortunately, they are just that … seasons. That is if we choose to make them so.

Sometimes it’s harder for us to learn than others. And other times, age and life catch up to us, and we begin to realize this multi-tasking may not necessarily be the ongoing badge of honor that we’ve made it out to be.

These past few weeks have been ones of multi-tasking with random items to do under each of several headings. My mind doesn’t switch as instantaneously as it once did.

And here’s the thing about that. It just may be my friend. I’m starting to believe it’s a blessing in disguise. This only really being able to give my full attention to one thing at a time.

The tasks of the day
Kitchen table cleared of it’s centerpiece, 4 loaves of hot bread sharing the counter with 2 irons for pressing aprons in the making and whatever else the day held.

So on those days that begin with a 3-hour training session, a really good one I might add, and flow right into dinner prep and hours of sewing instruction with a handful of women, followed by finishing up a blog project and subsequent post, just in time to fall into bed waaaaaay past my usual time…

On those days when the multi-tasking simply can’t be avoided…

On those days, it’s a glorious thing to be fully present in the moment. And, the fact that this season of my  life demands this sort of single-minded, fully present sort of attention is something for which I’m quite grateful.

The day’s calendar may well require entirely too many tasks for my liking, but this focusing on the one I’m square in the middle of is something I’m enjoying more with each passing day.

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