Here’s to new chapters …

There’s just something exciting about a new chapter. Whether the previous one ended well or not so much, the possibilities of a new adventure can be quite exciting. A little scary sometimes too, but always new.
That’s where I am.
CFA uniform
I just pulled this out of the dryer for the last time to fold up and pass on to others.

That’s another entire post in the works. 

nanny treasures
And tonight I get to load up my bag with these new treasures as I open a new chapter of adventure tomorrow.

It’s quite a familiar chapter, and yet, quite new at the same time. This hanging out with cool kids is very familiar, it’s the fact that they don’t call me Mama that’s all new.

I’m sure there will be tough days mixed in with lots of sweet ones. Some longer days and others that are entirely too short. And that’s just fine with me. It’s all part of life.

Though the last chapter as part of the “my pleasure” mom squad had it’s perks and beauty, I couldn’t be more excited about the flow of the days ahead.

Here’s to adding a little “Mary Poppins” to my story.

nanny bag
My version of a Mary Poppins bag.
And though I don’t exactly have a magic umbrella or carpet bag, this Amy Butler Cosmo Bag I stitched up years ago should work just fine. Plenty of room in here to bring along a bit of wonder for the days ahead.
Here’s to new chapters!

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