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Welcome back to day 3 of our Sharing a Little Love Giveaway. You can find links to the entire series and how to be entered in our drawing at the end of this post.

After a few balmy spring like days we seem to be moving back towards winter weather here in the Bluegrass, so it’s a good time for two of the cozier happies in our collection.

Sharing the love with a few Valentine's Day happies ... and a giveaway
Sharing the love with a few Valentine’s Day happies … and a giveaway

Today’s first happy can be made and used in lots of different ways. If you’ve been around here for very long, you’ll know that I kind of love the whole chalkboard thing. We have a chalkboard wall in our kitchen, Chalkboard contact paper is my bff when it comes to labeling and organizing, and one of my other favorites makes it’s debut here today.

They actually make chalkboard fabric. True story. It feels a bit like vinyl and you can use it over and over like any other chalkboard surface. This project is so easy, you only get one picture.

Chalkboard heart gift tag for the win
A chalkboard heart gift tag is pretty much always a good idea.

Just trace a heart with a pen on the back of the chalkboard fabric, cut a slightly larger piece of felt for the back and stitch them together. I used the same yarn from the door hanger project and that’s it.

You’ll notice the lovely, precise, perfectly stitched edge on the left side of the heart in the picture up there. Or not. Yeah, I pretty much stitched right off the edge in a couple spots.

But guess what? It’s okay. A little white chalk outline almost makes my little foible disappear. Almost. Which means it’s not perfectly sewn.

But guess what? I’m okay with that. Because we all know that things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful now do they?!

If you don’t really feel like sewing, you can use chalkboard contact paper and some fun scrapbooking paper backing. Super easy, versatile and handmade.


Here are the materials you’ll need for the pot pincher …

pot pincher materials
The necessities you’ll need for the pot pincher

This is the first pot pincher I’ve ever made, I actually had to google it to even know that the real name is “pot pincher” because I’ve always called it “one of those little hot pad thingys for your fingers”. I’m technical like that.

As expected, the same cookie cutter as the hand warmer and door hanger served as my template. If you want a squattier heart, just squish the cookie cutter a little bit when tracing it. Again with the technical stuff. 

Using the heart template, cut 2 out of the felt and 2 out of your lining. Flannel makes a nice lining because it’s soft and thin so it doesn’t add bulk. Place one piece of felt and flannel right sides together and stitch leaving a 1 1/2″ opening on one edge, just like the hand warmer. Trim the edges and snip the curves so they lay flat when you turn your heart rights side out. Once your heart is right side out, tuck the edges in and pin the opening closed.

The center section is made by placing the two hearts with the tops together with about an inch between them. You need 2 pieces of flannel and one piece of insul-bright which is an insulated fleece made specifically for things like hot pads. You can find it at your local fabric store or online.

layering for pot pincher
Layer these three pieces as follows: insul-bright, flannel right side up, flannel wrong side up.

Stitch through all three layers, leaving 1 1/2″ opening along one edge. Trim seams and clip curves so it will lay as flat as possible when you turn it right side out. Once this piece is right side out, tuck the edges in and pin the opening closed.

finished pot pincher
Lay the hearts at each end so all the edges line up. Stitch through all the layers being sure to stitch the openings closed.

And that’s it. There are a few steps and pieces in this process, but it goes together pretty fast. I’ll definitely be making more of these, for my own kitchen and to use as happies throughout the year.

closed pot pincher
And a shot of the folded pot pincher, just big enough to protect your hands without being bulky and cumbersome.
chalkboard and pot pincher
Happies 5 & 6 | chalkboard tag and pot pincher


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To enter the drawing simply find the subscribe button at the top of the side bar if you are viewing on the desktop site, or by scrolling down to the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device.

Enjoy! And good luck!

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