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Welcome back to day 4 of our Sharing a Little Love Giveaway. You can find links to the entire series and how to be entered in our drawing at the end of this post.

As it turns out, today is all about bags…

Sharing the love with a few Valentine's Day happies ... and a giveaway
Sharing the love with a few Valentine’s Day happies … and a giveaway

This is a great gift for those on a tight budget. Especially if it comes along with an invitation to share tea together, and muffins or biscotti or some sort of magical baked pastry.

Here are the materials you’ll need for the heart tea bags …

Heart tea bag necessities
The necessities you’ll need for the heart tea bags
traced heart on cofffee filter
Start by tracing a heart onto a coffee filter.

Cut out two at a time, and if you’re slightly off somewhere it won’t matter because they will match anyway. Make the heart about as big as you can fit on the base of the filter so that the finished size is big enough for the loose tea leaves.

stitching tea bags
A zipper foot makes it easier to get a close seam once you’ve added the tea leaves.

Stitch about 1/4″ from the edge and leave an opening along the entire straight edge of one side. Go slow on this one so the stitching line doesn’t get away from you.

closing up tea bag
Fill the bag with loose tea leaves and stitch the opening closed.
Heart tea bag tags
Fold a piece of cardstock and place the top of a small heart on the fold line to create a fun little tag

Next is the fun part … coming up with cheesy lines to add to your tag. I used mint tea and phrases like, “We were mint to be” and “You’ve mint the world to me”.  Others might include “You’re berry special” or “Chai love you”. Think conversation hearts and just run with it.

Cut a piece of baker’s twine about 8 – 10″ long and tie knots at both ends.

Baker's twine
Place the twine through the top of the tag with the knot near the bottom tip of the heart. Fold the tag closed and stitch through both layers, catching the twine in between.

Stitch the other knot to the top of the tea bag, just above the knot.

mint to be
We were mint to be

And there you have it. These would be fun delivered in a personalized mug with some “tea time” dates. The gift of time is always one of my absolute favorites!


If you broke out into a sweat because you read the “zippered” part, you can just get over that right now. Yes, there will be a zipper. Yes, it is also one of the easiest ways to stitch in a zipper. Don’t worry, you got this! And there are LOTS of pictures. Plus, you’ll know how to add a zipper and than you can conquer even bigger challenges.

Here are the basic materials you’ll need for the zippered bag …

zippered bag necessities
The necessities you’ll need for the zippered bag.

You only need one piece of felt for the entire bag. It’s basically a rectangle with a square cut out of the middle on each side. Mine measures 10″ x 15″. Once you cut your rectangle. Fold it in half (short ends together) and cut a rectangle out of each side at the fold. With the fold at the bottom, the rectangle should be 1″ high and 1 1/4″ wide.

Heart placement on bag
Of course the little blanket stitched heart would show up here too! Note the placement – a little higher and farther in that you might think.
blanket stitched heart
Attach the heart with embroidery floss and a blanket stitch.

Because felt will not ravel, we don’t have to finish the edges or turn under the raw edge. It’s another perk that makes this bag go together quickly.

pinning zipper
Pin one side of the zipper to the wrong side of the bag on the shorter 10″ edge.

You can line it up almost against the zipper teeth, with the zipper centered. This zipper is 12″, but the next size down (9″) was too short. Simply stitch back and forth across the zipper feet about 6 times to create your own zipper stop 1/2″ from the end of the felt.

stitching second side of zipper
Keep the zipper closed to pin the second side of the zipper the same way, lining up the edges of the fabric at the end of the zipper.
unzip and stitch
Unzipping the zipper to run the second stitching line makes it much easier to maneuver on your machine.

Zip up the zipper and turn the bag wrong side out.

pinning edges
Pin the sides together, starting with the end with the zipper pull, and stitch

Now, unzip the bag so you can stitch up the other side. If you forget the unzipping part you’ll have to unzip the bag with the pull on the inside. It’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened, but it’s also not the most fun you’ve ever had.

making the box bottom
Once the sides are stitched, with the bag still wrong side out, center the side seam along the other edge of the rectangle you cut out along the fold at the very beginning.

Basically, when the bag is laying flat you have a square cut out of the bottom corners. If you pull out the inside corner of that square, you will line up to the two straight edges. One of those edges has the side seam you just stitched, and the other becomes the bottom of the bag.

stitched box bottom
When you stitch across these two edges, you create a box bottom for your bag which allows it to stand up.
measure both sides
Measure the new seams on both sides to make sure they are the same length, or at least relatively close.

Trim the seams to about 1/4″ and you’re almost done.

stitched zipper end
Stitch the ends of the zipper down from the inside of the bag, just a little lower than the zipper itself.

This keeps the end from getting stuck in the zipper, and it looks more finished.

zippered bag
Oh the possibilities of treasures that could be stowed in this little bag!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to hide this one from my girls, because it just may be delivered to a lucky subscribers home next week. But, the girls are thinking it would make a great pencil bag!

happies 7 & 8
Happies 7 & 8 |heart tea bags & zippered bag

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Our last two happies will be posted this weekend with our drawing Sunday around noon. Be sure to check your mail if you are a subscriber to see if your name is drawn.

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Enjoy! And good luck!

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