Sharing a little love | Happy 9 & Our Giveaway Winner

This is it! It’s the final project in our Sharing a Little Love Giveaway. As usual, you will find the details for the entire series and our giveaway winner will be announced at the end of the post.

Sharing the love with a few Valentine's Day happies ... and a giveaway
Sharing the love with a few Valentine’s Day happies … and a giveaway

This is actually the project that inspired the Sharing a LIttle Love Series. I wasn’t quite as thrilled with it when I finished … until I tweaked it a bit, that is. Now it’s another one of my favorites, though I have a hard time picking my absolute favorite.

There are the materials you’ll need to make the fold top bag I was originally called the fold-over bag, until I realized it sounded frighteningly close to “comb-over” and that seemed like a really bad idea …

fold top bag necessities
The necessities you’ll need for the fold top bag.

Cut 3 pieces of felt in the following measurements:

– 4″ x 26″ for the sides and bottom of the bag

– 6″ x 10″ for the front of the bag

– 6″ x 13″ for the back of the bag

– medium size heart out of white felt … yeah, you saw that coming didn’t you?

Center the soft loop side of the Velcro at the top of the bag back (6 x 13)  on the wrong side of the felt. Next center the scratchy hook side of the Velcro 4 1/2″ down from the top of the bag front (6 x 10) on the right side fo the felt. I had originally placed this 2″ down from the top of the front, but it made the bag look to tall and skinny.

stitching velcro
The only machine sewing you need to do on this bag is stitching on the velcro.

Always stitch next to the edge of the velcro and go all the way around the piece twice as it is one of the few spots that will have some stress on it with the fastening and unfastening.

The remainder of the bag is blanket stitched, wrong sides together, all the way around the edges. I know, you saw that one coming too, right?

blanket stitch front
Blanket stitching to attach the front and side of the bag.

Start by lining up the right corner of the front with the top corner of the long side/bottom strip.


corner stitching
Turning and stitching the corner.

Once you’ve stitched the front and side/bottom together, you can stand the bag up to find where the back corners should be in relation to the bottom. Pin those two spots and line the back corners up with the pins, straightening it out as necessary.

heart placement
Placement of the heart on front of the fold over flap.

And that’s it. Now the only thing left to do is fill it with all sorts of additional happies.

Here’s a little side-by-side of the original and final Velcro placement.

The original is on the left and the finished bag is on the right.

One of the perks of sewing is that you get to decide how you want something to look or function.  So if you’re following a printed pattern or basic instructions off the internet, they are simply a guide that you can tweak as you desire. They’re not the boss of us. Tweaking permission granted. You’re welcome!

fold top bag
This final happy is big enough to fold all the other ones … or chocolate … chocolate is always a good idea!

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CONGRATULATIONS! To our giveaway winners (designated with the first 3 letters of your e-mail address)

Our1st place winner  is – peg…

Our 2nd place winner is – the…

And our 3rd place winner is – sev…

You can look for an e-mail with details on the delivery of your happies.

THANK YOU! to all of you who have followed along, subscribed and joined in the conversation! It has been great fun to create some new designs and hopefully it has also provided a little inspiration. As always, if you create your own versions of any of these happies we would love for you to post a picture in the comments section of the corresponding post.

Until next time, share a little happy with those in your path!



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    1. I think the door hangers are one of my favorites too – they go together quickly and are timeless. They can bring a smile on a random day in mid July or late October or whenever someone can use a happy and maybe a few pieces of chocolate, a love note or an invitation to tea!

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