Well hello, beautiful!

I’ve been saving for this beauty for months.

Nikon b/w
Well hello, beautiful!

Yesterday she came to live at my house.



With a story to go along with her.

From a sweet blogger friend whom I consider to be a mentor in many ways.

The kind of friend you can laugh, and cry and be completely ridiculous and sarcastic with. Because you’re both just wired like that.

And now, every time I start snapping away, the backstory will be right there in the foreground. Making each photo sweeter. And the learning curve of this new toy even more fun.

And come summer, the money that had been previously saved for a new camera? Well now that gets to go toward a blog conference I’ve wanted to attend for a few years.

My plan to save and purchase a new camera was a good one. But this? This is so much sweeter in so many ways.

The camera is a blessing. But the friendship behind it is an even more beautiful blessing.

Thank you, friend!




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