…and a baby bunting too!

It’s a running joke around here that I’m one of those who struggles to keep both kids and plants alive at the same time. It’s not a snide sort of comment, in fact I think I was the first one to actually make light of it. For the most part, I’ve chosen to focus on the kids, though some dinners would attest to a bit of neglect. Even on those nights, the family rarely complains, they just roll with it and life goes on. The plants aren’t quite so forgiving.

For some reason I decided that this morning was a good time to tend to the house plants I’ve been neglecting these past few weeks. They seem to be less forgiving than the family and quietly dry up and wilt.

That’s when it hit me that in sharing Monday’s post with the  DIY chalkboard bunting, I completely forgot to include the baby bunting! I could chalk that oversight up to all sorts of things, but that’s another post altogether.

Plant bunting
Cutest little leftovers in the history of ever.

So remember near the end of the bunting when you cut the triangle out of the bottom of each fabric piece to make the forked flag style? We’ll don’t pitch the triangle.

Baby bunting strip
Trim a strip about 1″ wide along the bottom of each triangle

You can fold it on one end and cut another triangle out of the other end to make a mini-forked pennant. The wonder under will make it a sturdy little flag and then all you have to do is turn under about 3/8″ at the top and stitch close to the raw edge of the fold.

Since the bunting I did was originally for a birthday party, we simply threaded some twine through the casing (made in the previous step) and strung several flags between two skewers to make toppers for the birthday girl’s cheesecakes.

Baby bunting
A fun little baby bunting to cheer up neglected house plants.

And then we licked wiped off the extra cheesecake and stuck them in one of the house plants. It makes for a festive little touch. And it can even draw the eye away from the shriveled up plants that need to be replaced. Not really, but a girl can dream!

It’s always fun to find an unexpected way to use leftovers, especially when they create a little surprise pop of color and festiveness. So where else would you use a strand of these little guys?

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