It’s been a long month this week

Do you ever have one of those weeks?

The ones that seem to last forever. And a day.

It’s been one of those for us this past week. As a dear friend Jack Purcell always said, “I’ve had a long month this week.”

Well hello there sand and sunshine!

Steve and I headed for Florida a little over a week ago. Just the two of us. Sounds awesome, right? It was. But things aren’t always as they seem.

sun in trees
And there’s the sun and Spanish Moss …

We spent most of our week less than 15 minutes from the ocean and we didn’t even get our toes wet with saltwater. Not even once, y’all! That’s just wrong in my book!

That signature white sand … though I think that’s supposed to be a flower bed, it’s just what happens in Florida.

We did however get to see several friends and family. And we had some good Cuban food, and fresh seafood and an Asian feast. And a paint fight or two. My sister-in-law started the first one, And that oldest daughter of ours started the second one. Honest, they did!

tired house
But really we went to show some cottage love to our tired little house.

Five years ago when we moved from the beach to the bluegrass, we had been living in the same little house where we raised our kids for 15 years. We had replaced just about everything – roof, windows, flooring, woodwork, kitchen, baths, we even added a few rooms and a pergola.

the pergola
One of my favorite spots at that little house, thanks to Grandpa’s woodworking skills.

And the housing market had recently tanked in our area. I mean, seriously tanked. Like, it wasn’t even worth a thousand dollars more than we had originally paid. We had put too much equity into it at that point to sell – sweat, time and otherwise. So we rented it out, and it was great.

And now, for a variety of reasons, including a greatly improved market, it’s time to sell. But first … We had a bit of fixing to do.

Paint fumes mixed with a need to hide from the impossibly long to do list.

And some planting.

Hibiscus are always a good idea.

And painting what we affectionately started calling, “The house of beige”

mixing paint
Mixing some 5 gallon buckets of Habitat Restore paint with a lot of leftover white from our painter friend.

And gazing at the flowers.

window box
I’ve always been partial to flowers spilling out of window boxes.

And more flowers.

hanging basket
Or spilling out of hanging baskets.

There are still new counter tops, a bit of flooring and tile work and an updated front door in the works, but we did get a lot done. With the help of a small army of family, friends and teens needing to raise money for mission trips.

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the pics and the way the burst of curb appeal color seems to help ease aching muscles.

finished house
I think everyone should get to live in a cottage by the ocean at some point.

And, as much as I love snow and winter, I think this past week has put me in the mood for spring. Besides, since last week was the equivalent of a month, that puts us squarely in the midst of spring. And when we arrived home yesterday, it appeared that our blue hyacinths quite agreed.

By the way, if you ever find yourself in need of latex paint then might I suggest the Habitat for Humanity paint recycling program. We have used it in our home and several rental homes and have been beyond pleased with the quality and color selection. And there’s no way to beat a price of $35 for a 5 gallon bucket! Here’s a little blurb on the program at our local ReStore.

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