On learning to rest

Rest can be defined as (to) “cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.”

Jacobson bench
Relax, refresh and recover all seem to involve a bit of sparkly water and a bench of some sort.

This verb does not occur naturally in my vocabulary, or my calendar for that matter. It never really has.

But we’re learning, Steve and I.

It’s a process. And today it began here …

jacobson park lakeside
By the water’s edge at the 200+ acre park by our house.

We enjoyed rising late and eating breakfast together. And sitting and reading together.

Side by side.

Silently. Yes, that’s the most unnatural part for me.

mushrooms on trees
And finding treasures of truth hidden in plain sight in God’s word.

I’m learning the difference between busy and hurried. And how to slow down, stop rushing, look up and savor the moments.

Kentucky sky
The big picture brings perspective to the moments.

We’re learning to intentionally guard a chunk of time for reflecting and resting and refreshing.

Without this, I too quickly forget that God alone is my daily salvation, my rock and my stronghold. And then I end up working myself into a frenzy over something He has already handled.

I am at rest in God alone.
I can rest in nothing else.




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