A picture book sort of day

I started a new job a few weeks ago. I just might be in love … with a few special kids and this whole nanny gig.

I mean how many people get to “go to work” and create Play-Doh sculptures, bump up and down staircases,  go for walks and read picture books. Yeah, I’m lucky like that!

Today was a day off. With a few crazy travel weeks just wrapping up and company on their way, I figured I’d spend the day tidying and catching up.

Instead, I opted for a few picture books of my own…

picture book sort of day
Picture books, Mama style, and pear trees in bloom

It was a decision heavily influenced by those gorgeous allergy inducing pear trees you see blooming out the window, and maximum doses of meds.

It’s always good to have a few books around that can be used as a picture book when processing words is a little too much to ask.  And who doesn’t enjoy time to dream and plan new projects?

So what are your favorite “picture books” and authors? Do tell!


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