Pinspiration for blogs and kitchens and basements and purging …

So this happy little countdown popped up in my text messages this morning…

Thay moving countdown
The official countdown

I can pretty much count on an update every few days between now and then too. Let’s just say, anticipating is one of this girl’s spiritual gifts. And yes, I do realize that it really isn’t a spiritual gift, it’s just that she takes it as seriously as one.

With that little text and a follow-up phone call, it’s official … our oldest girl and her husband are moving home. Technically, it’s home to her and “new home” to him. We never could have imagined such a thing a few short years ago. But here we are!

I find myself doing some ADD waffling between blogging and home purging and pinning inspiring ideas for finishing the basement and “hey, I haven’t checked IG for awhile” and… You feel my pain, right? I just know you do!

Today is a good day to reign in all the random thoughts and settle on a priority list for the next 38 1/2 days. In the meantime, Here are a few of the inspiring things I’ve been pondering lately …

This floor stain technique from my friend Traci at Beneath my Heart may or may not be an option for the basement …

Traci's porch
A beautiful DIY for only $60, instead of the $300+ for tile

If you are not familiar with her blog, then you simply must check out all the awesome DIY projects she has done.

FFV stained concrete floor
Or this version from Beth at Farm Fresh Vintage

And we could use some of the money we save to buy some awesome rugs to cozy up the space. Let’s just go with that logic, m’kay?

As I’m perusing basement options, this handy little checklist from Jessica at Jersha & Dup shows up to help make the house purging a little more systematic. I’m using the KonMari method, modified to fit our needs and beliefs.

konmari checklist
It’s a handy help it you’re using the KonMari Method, even if you prefer a modified method.

But, before the purging I probably need to do a little more pinterest research, right? Ah yes, some cool ideas for an open shelving kitchenette wall …

stone kitchen wall
Like this stone wall with open shelving in Jenna’s kitchen
brick wall kitchen
Or this one found on stone fashion blog

I’m almost always up for a chalkboard wall. The possibilities with them are so limitless and fun!

coffee bar chalkboard wall
Like this one from The Gatecrest Story, Season 1 Episode 2, of Fixer Upper

Aaaaaand then a new IG picture appears about the upcoming Haven Conference in Atlanta that I can hardly wait to attend.

haven conference
So excited to learn about design, to create and connect with other bloggers at the Haven Conference

If you’re interested in home blogging, then check out their blog and maybe I’ll see you there too!

In the meantime, I’ll be combing the internet for more inspiration, or blogging, or remodeling the basement, or just cleaning it out or ….



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