A little DIY hanging kitchen towel kindness

What fun it has been to see comments on social media about Mrs. Doris and her “small gift of kindness” to me. It quickly became quite obvious to me how many have been touched by her. What a blessing!

Monday’s post closed with a promise to share a quick project to show kindness to a hostess. So let’s just get to these hanging kitchen towels, shall we?

hanging towels
Hanging kitchen towels

Most of us have seen hanging kitchen towels with a crocheted top and button to secure them to the oven door handle. I remember my Mommaw having them when we would make cookie dough in her kitchen as kids. Not that we needed the oven, because she let us eat the cookie dough raw. Yes, this was years ago before the fear of raw eggs. And she was just cool like that!

Though I have sewn for years, crocheting is one of the skills I have nowhere near mastered. I pretty much only know one stitch and most of the time my girls have to help me get started on that. So, this version involves no crochet and only about three rows of stitching.

hanging kitchen towel supplies
The necessities you’ll need for your hanging kitchen towel

Technically the supplies you see above will be enough for two hanging towels. The towels were about $5 from our local Trader Joe’s and you can get more information about them here. The hot pads were just under $3 at Wal-Mart.

The first step is to fold the towel in half (a hamburger fold, which means bringing the two shorter ends together) with the wrong sides together.

folded towel
You can press the towel to give you a nice crisp line to work with.
folded hot pad
Fold the hot pad in half and pin to create a center line.
run gathering threads.
Next, stitch two rows on each side of this center line about 1/4″ apart.

Use a basting stitch (the longest one on your machine) and leave a 6″ tail at the beginning and end of each row of stitching without a forward and reverse stitch.

To gather the towel, securely hold the two ends of the thread on one side of the fabric and pull the fabric along those threads, gathering as you go. Once you towel is gathered to match the width of your hot pad, stabilize it by wrapping the threads at both ends around a straight pin in a figure 8 pattern.

Place your gathered towel on the hot pad, right sides together and lining up the stitching line on the towel with the center line on the hot pad.

pinned towel and hot pad
Adjust the gathers as needed to make them even and pin the towel to the hot pad along the center fold.
stitching center
Using a regular stitch length and a forward and reverse stitch at each end, stitch the towel to the hot pad along the ironed center fold line.

You can now remove the basting stitches on the towel.

adding the button
Finally, add the button to the top edge opposite the loop on the hot pad.

That’s it! It took me approximately 47 minutes to make two of these. That included removing two basting threads that insisted on being individually picked out stitch by stitch AND taking about 34 pictures, so 8 would turn out for this post.

2 hanging kitchen towels
Hanging kitchen towels, as a gift or for your own home, you really can’t go wrong!

The possibilities for towel and hot pad combinations are endless. With their low price tag, quick construction and the possibilities of personalizing them to a specific decor or occasion, they make great gifts. I’m thinking I need to check out clearance on Easter / spring towels to use as hostess gifts next year.

In the meantime, these little guys are looking quite at home in our kitchen. I’m secretly hoping they encourage us to keep the counters a little tidier throughout the day. I’ll let you know how that one turns out.




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