Choosing Gratitude | Windfall or Debt?

How are you choosing gratitude this day? This 15th day of April? This dreaded tax day?

Some years we may find ourselves receiving a bit of financial windfall. Or maybe it’s more of a pleasant breeze. And then there are other years when our financial obligation comes in a bit higher than we think we can possibly manage.

Windfall or debt. Either way, this day is definitely best spent in some sort of gratitude. Aren’t they all that way?  

tax day journal
This voicing of thanks through paper and ink is slowly doing it’s work in my heart.


::  knowing that when our kids are struggling through tough decisions, that it can bring them out stronger on the other side

::  watching them seek counsel from wise friends and family

::  God’s gentle clear way of bringing us around to His plan

::  even when His plans feel like the long way around

::  finally beginning to learn how to really pray for our kids thru the seasons of their life

::  a “job” that requires daily walks, bottles, reading board books, lots of giggles and naptimes

::  the sound of deep belly laughs when you find the perfect spot to smooch between the rolls on a little one’s neck

::  long distance friendships enjoying those rare snippets of time together

::  finally finishing an upholstery project … after 10 ridiculously long months

::  a weekend ahead of formal gowns, updos and great friends

::  the fact that if you add enough of the right ingredient, a green smoothie can actually become enjoyable

::  another way to have veggies for breakfast

On days like today, it may be a little more challenging to find things for which to be grateful. But again, I can absolutely guarantee gratitude’s worth it.

And that is the only good sort of debt in which to find yourself.

So, we might as well get to practicing.

Tell me … What are you choosing to be grateful for today?


About Beth Moore

A Christ-follower, wife, mom to 4, lifestyle blogger, seamstress and seeker of daily glimpses of God's grace and redemption.

2 thoughts on “Choosing Gratitude | Windfall or Debt?

  1. Such lovely thoughts Beth. All of which I can identify with. And that bring back some great memories. What shall I name the Pinterest board I’m going to create for your blog?

    1. The recording of blessings is a habit I’ve neglected, but I’m coming back to it and finding more joy in the moments – the good, the bad and the ugly! As far as a Pinterest board, I have called somuchmoore, then again the blog tag line is “a life redeemed” but that’s a bit long… Let me know what you decide 🙂

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