Let’s ditch the capes! M’kay?

How do you find the time?

How do you do everything?

As a mom, it’s really just a matter of time before someone asks you that question. Come to think of it, the mom thing may not be part of the equation at all. Granted, the title definitely adds another whole slew of activities and responsibilities to our day, but that may not be it either. My single friends have had the same questions asked of them. So maybe it’s a chick thing.

superhero capes
Superhero capes are fun for pretending, but too exhausting to be part of our daily wardrobe.

Whatever it is, we sure do seem to have a lot going on. Like most of us, I’ve been both the asker and the askee, yes I realize it’s not a real word and I’m okay with that. I think when I’m the asker it comes from a bit of amazement at how someone, usually another woman I admire, seems to accomplish so many things so well. The simultaneous question in my mind being, “Why can’t I be like her?”

And when I’m the askee, , there’s usually a 2-step reaction. For about half a second it’s flattering, then I just have to completely crack up. And before you know it I’ve responded with something like, “I don’t. Just ask my family.” It’s pretty tough to hide the ugly reality from our families. They do live with us!

You see, on this issue, we’re much quicker to extend grace to others than to ourselves. We don’t expect others to be able to do everything, even if their priority list is arranged in a different order than ours. And even it that means the one thing we care about doesn’t make their cut. But extending that same sort of grace to ourselves? That’s another story.

daily to do's
Lists upon lists

When it comes to me and my ever running collection of lists, yes lists with an “s” – on keep and evernote and google drive… Well then the grace doesn’t always flow so easily. I know I can’t do it all, but somewhere deep down I still cling tightly to the expectation that I should. Silly, I know. But that’s the mental debate I face on this one.

I’m slowly learning that I can only work from the written priority list. That’s the one I jot down as I evaluate my morning / day / week. I need to stick with that one. But, alas, there’s also an unwritten one that tries to hijack the prayed over, thought through and jotted down list. Funny thing about the unwritten list – there may be multiple entries, but somehow the only number that show up is “1”. It’s a set-up for failure. Let’s just not go there, y’all!

So, to answer a readers question, here’s how I’ve found time to do some of the projects that have occupied the past few months – it was simply the priority for that day. Which means other things were left undone. Like cleaning out the fridge.

Scary fridge
Though it looks like I just came back from the grocery store, it’s actually because the fridge hasn’t been cleaned out for a few weeks.

That big container of potato soup on the bottom shelf? It’s 10 days old. T-E-N days, people! I thought about taking care of it the other day, but honestly, I was afraid of the smell that would assault me when I cracked open the lid. So I did the prudent thing and let it sit for a few days longer, because everyone knows it won’t smell near as bad then, right?

Fortunately, the fridge cleaning adventure, because we all know the word adventure makes it sound more exciting than a chore … that happened the other day.

Clean fridge
So we’re good for a day or two, or ten or eleven, as the list may allow.

For those of us needing a little grace for the week? Here’s a little gift for you. And me. Trust me, I’ll have to scroll through these pics again, and breathe and remind myself it’s not about everything it’s about the priorities…

Eventually what needs to be done will. And what doesn’t will eventually take it’s rightful place on the priority list.

Or not… It’s all good.

My advice, learned the hard way..

Let’s just agree to ditch the superhero capes.

Love on the people we’ve been given.

Just follow one list. The written one.

The rest of it will eventually take care of itself.

And in the meantime, you don’t have to add the guilt of being stressed out to your list.

Instead you get to enjoy the moment.

let's ditch the capes
And that, my friends, is how we don’t get it all done!

How about you? What advice would you add to this life of lists?

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