A Mama sort of day

It’s a Mama sort of day at my house today.

No,  not Mother’s Day. That’s another one altogether.

Today is the day I celebrate my own Mama.

Mama – circa early to mid 80’s

My sister posted this picture yesterday, and I have to say I don’t remember ever seeing it before. It’s grainy and blurry and not the best lighting and … I love it! I do remember Mama making that blouse, and that fuzzy sweater. And I remember her smile.

And somehow this photo reminds me of how huggable she was, especially when she was wearing that fuzzy sweater.

Mom would have been 76 yesterday, and we would have found some way to celebrate across the miles. For the past six years it has been my practice to find a free day on or around her birthday to spend doing the things that she would enjoy. It’s a tradition a friend shared with me shortly after we lost Mama that has brought so much healing. A few tears too, but mostly healing.

So today will be spent in the sewing room sewing, creating, altering a few recently thrifted treasures, listening to soft jazz and sipping coffee. And though there may be a few random tears here and there, it’s okay. Because it all blends together to become a beautiful day of remembering, celebrating and choosing gratitude for her life lived well.

For those of you who are walking through your own griefs, I pray that your days too may soon be filled with healing tears and sweet memories.

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6 thoughts on “A Mama sort of day

  1. I love this! I am going to the same thing every year in honor of my dad. Embrace and enjoy your day today Beth!

    1. Amy – I loved what you and your family did to celebrate your dad a few weeks ago! It’s never the easiest day of the year, but somehow this sort of celebration helps. Thanks for your words!

  2. Beth, you captured her well. She surely gave the best hugs of anyone I’ve known. So glad to have shared many sweet, sweet times with her. Hugs and love to you! Mary

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