Spring Adventures…

According to the calendar, it is officially spring. It has been for a good two weeks. But don’t tell those parts of our country that have been covered in a fresh dusting of snow … or more. We even had a slight prediction of the white stuff in the wee hours of this morning here in Kentucky. Ahh, spring!

Whatever the thermometer happens to say at the moment, there’s just something about this long-awaited season that just makes us want to get out and explore. And hopefully, enjoy a little sun on our face. And maybe warmth … if it’s not too much to ask.

The great thing is, it really doesn’t matter if you live in the country, a small town or a metropolis of some sort. There is beauty to be discovered anywhere.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying these shots we captured last month when we were at Navy Pier in Chicago. What a great city to explore!

Chicago skyline
There’s just something beautiful about that skyline.
Chicago sea gulls
… and the sound of sea gulls.
… and the beauty of docked boats and the water reflecting on them.
Windy sailboat
And then there are the sailboats with all their rigging.
sailboat rigging
… and the possibility of exploring even further with nothing but the sound of the wind flapping in the sails.
… to see exactly what does lie beyond the pier
Navy pier lighthouse
.. but knowing that there will always be some sort of light, whether an old school lighthouse or shiny new skyscrapers, guiding you back from your adventure.

Whatever your weekend holds, may it include a bit of adventure and beauty seeking!



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