The Vast Beauty of Small Kindnesses

Well over a year ago several women came to our house one evening for a monthly meeting. We had lots to plan and discuss and we figured that would be best completed over dinner.

When Doris arrived with her hot dish to add to the collection, she was using a pretty little crocheted hot pad that she had made in a bright turquoise yarn. She set her dish on the stovetop, handed me the hot pad and informed me that it was mine in a matter-of-fact sort of way. She apologized that it was too small and how the next one she made was going to be a little bigger, though she may decide to stick with the same type of yarn.

Doris's hot pad
Doris’s gift

I love that cheery little hot pad. Yes, it’s smaller than most of mine, but sometimes the others are actually a little too big.

Honestly what I love most about it is that she made it for me. That and the way she handed it to me so humbly with no fanfare whatsoever. It’s the same way she cared for her husband for years after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

It’s simply how she relates to others.

Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Always looking to see how she can be an encouragement to others.

And not to gain the admiration of others, or even to feel better about herself.

She apologized because she wasn’t exactly pleased with the pattern she had used. But that wasn’t the important part, and she knew it. She knew well that the important part was in loving on someone else, however inadequate that gift seemed on her end. Because on the receiving end of it, it was way beyond adequate.

Doris & her hot pad
The vast beauty of a small kindness

What a beautiful reminder that little hot pad is for me…

A reminder that it’s the small kindnesses that matter.

A reminder that it doesn’t have to be perfect or extravagant to matter.

A reminder that it’s not about me, but others.

A reminder that it’s always worth it to give, even if we may never comprehend the value of the gift from our own humble context.

A reminder that we shouldn’t be the one deciding against a small kindness because we may not see it’s vast beauty in the life of another. That’s not our job.

Our job is to extend kindness, because it’s the right thing to do.

Hot pad and wood
A little pop of kindness

Check back Wednesday for a quick project to extend a little kindness to a hostess the next time an opportunity arises.

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