On flowers and family and harmony

On FLOWERS and family and harmony …

When you buy a two-story brick house with a window tucked in the high peak above the garage, then it will all but beg for a window box.

Window box
The long awaited window box

And when your kids reach a stage of life where they can fin for themselves in many ways, then you may even find that you can keep both kids AND plants thriving at the same time. It’s a harmony of sorts that seems almost unattainable in the throws of so much hands-on parenting in the early years.

Fresh blooms waiting for their new homes
And Family

And sometimes, when each exciting event comes all tripping on the heels of the next, planting flowers just doesn’t take priority. But soon enough, along comes a day, like Mother’s Day, when it’s easier than most to recruit an entire family of gardeners and you’ll find the boxes, baskets and pots bursting with blooms in no time.

Family gardening
Family gardening

And then all that’s left to do is enjoy the colorful welcome home that greets you each time you return home.

Blooms and leaves
Blooms and leaves

And the designated photographer may find himself getting all artsy too and snap a few non-family-planting shots.

And how can that not bring a smile to your face. Kids planting, and photographing and being all artsy.


And you’ll also find yourself, looking in the rear view mirror as you pull away just to get a tiny glimpse of the beauty that brings you back home.

A little view from last springs post, “Harmony

Just because you can.

So what are your favorite annuals for hanging baskets and window boxes? I do hope your weekend involves a bit of family, along with some blooms and maybe even a bit of digging in the dirt.

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