Real Life Gardening

Happy Monday y’all!

I want to let you in on a little secret I discovered when it comes to real life gardening. Most of us love Pinterest for all sorts of inspiration, and photo filters for the way that can make a picture almost as awesome as if you were there. But, there’s nothing that can replace real life.

Spring weather makes most of us itch to plant flowers and spruce up our outdoor spaces. Instead of the usual Pinterest search, might I suggest simply grabbing your camera and taking a stroll. In your own community. With real live plants and flowers and people who are generally more than happy to share why their Iris are so vibrant or their roses are climbing so well.

If you can arrange a  mid-morning stroll after a late night storm you’ll find the most beautiful hue making everything a bit magical, from the layers of green to the vibrant flowers and architectural details that draw you into their charm.

Architectural Charm
Brick and tree tunnel
stone wall
Stone wall
natural stone wall
Natural stones and pea gravel
Vibrant Blooms
climbing roses
Climbing roses on painted brick
two tone iris

Two-tone Iris

purple iris
Deep purple Iris
Water and blooms
Gates and Secret Gardens

garden gate

Arched wooden gate

tucked away
Hidden lattice gate
Layers of Green
sky and leaves
Sunlight through leaves
green tunnel
Tunnel of green

And the best combination brings all of these together in a seemingly effortless space that draws us in and makes us want to stay a while.

secret garden
Secret Garden

At the end of just 15 minutes, you’ll have all the inspiration and information you need to plan your own outdoor spaces. And you may even strike up a conversation with a few new people along the way. Because what’s the point of a beautiful garden if it can’t be enjoyed by as many people as possible?

Go ahead. Try it!


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