Wooden Spoons & Recipes for Raising Kids | Kid-tested Mom-approved Gift Set

For many in my generation the idea of a kid-tested wooden spoon in the hands of a Mama has absolutely nothing to do with cooking and more about “instilling a healthy sense of fear”. But hey, that’s why we’re such upstanding polite people, right?

In the interest of full disclosure … today’s first project involves wooden spoons, but they’re quite likable for Moms and kids alike. The second calls for a purchased tea towel and a bit of embellishing. Unique and sentimental embellishing that is, because us Mamas love that sort of thing.

wooden spoons and recipes
The towel will require a bit of sewing, but it’s definitely worth it!
Supplies for the Wooden Spoons
  • set of wooden spoons
  • chalkboard paint
  • painters tape, my preference is frog tape
  • foam paint brush
  • chalk or chalk marker
Steps for Making the Wooden Spoons

For food safety issues, if you are using these to serve food do not paint your spoons below the handle. Tape off the section of the handle that you want to paint. I left part of my spoon natural at the top of the handle because I liked the way it looked, but like most projects it’s a matter of personal preference.

wooden spoon set
These wooden spoons are strictly for serving food!

Using a foam brush apply two thin coats of paint. Just as with the Cool Beans Chalkboard Paint Cutting Board…

“Make sure your tape is pressed firmly and has adhered to the cutting board along the edge you will be painting. And paint away! Mine needed two coats for good coverage. I would recommend doing several thin coats and removing the frog tape as soon as the second coat is applied.

If you leave the tape on too long, or if you use cheap painter’s tape, or get the paint too thick next to the tape … some of the paint may pull away when you remove the tape. It’s fixable but it does require an extra step…

If you do find yourself needing to remove extra paint lightly sand down the edge of the paint and wipe off any dust that is created. You can either go back over the area with chalkboard paint and a thin paintbrush or use a sharpie pen to create a smooth edge along your painted strip.”

labeled spoons
Chalkboard paint handles make it easy to distinguish between different dishes.

As with all wooden kitchen items, your spoon set will last longer when washed by hand. You can add the names of dishes being served to make it easier on your dinner guests at your next potluck dinner. As one of those with lots of crazy food allergies, I always appreciate knowing potential food allergens at a potluck. The chalk can simply be wiped off and they’re ready for your next food bash.

Supplies for the Recipe Tea Towel
  • purchased tea towel
  • a copy of your favorite recipe
  • 1/3 yard of light-colored solid fabric to match the towel, in a light weight
  • freezer paper, cut to 8 1/2″ x 11″
  • hot iron
  • computer
  • home printer, a laser printer is preferable
  • 1/2 yard of wonder under, fusible webbing
  •  thread to match your tea towel
  • trim, twice the width of your tea towel + 6″
Steps for Making the Tea Towel

This is the same technique used for our son’s Fleece Sports Blanket, which by the way makes an awesome gift for a graduate in your life!

Iron the sticky side of the freezer paper to the wrong side of one end of your light colored fabric. Be sure to use high heat and no steam for the best results. Trim the fabric to 8 1/2″ x 11″ and make sure each edge of fabric is adhered to the paper, as you will be running this through your printer.

Scan your recipe into your computer and edit as needed to create a document with your recipe to fit your freezer-papered fabric. Place your fabric in your printer so that your recipe will be printed on the fabric side and press print. Give this just a minute or two before you handle it, so as not to smear your printing.

Emily's recipe
I found this recipe, created and penned by our Emily years ago. Though we’re not exactly sure what it is, our guess is a smoothie and we’re curious enough to find out that it just may be our Mother’s Day dessert!
printed recipe
I opted to scan my image and shrink it down to fit on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ size paper in portrait mode. I was able to fit two per page and printed out two pages, so I could use three of them for the tea towel and the other for a hot pad later.

I also found this awesome rick rack trim in some of my Mom’s stash and decided it was just perfect for this project.

trimmed recipes
Next, trim each of the three recipes to an equal height, centering the printing from top to bottom on each piece.
pressed recipe sides
Press the side edges of the center piece under about 1/4″ – 1/2″
recipes strip
Overlap the center piece on each side piece and stitch close to the edge creating on long recipe strip.

Cut a strip of wonder under the height of your recipe strip and as wide as your tea towel. If you need to use two pieces to get the width of your towel, simply butt the short ends up against one another. Iron the sticky side of the wonder under to your recipe strip using a hot, dry iron and then peel off the paper backing. Position the recipe strip where you want it on your towel and iron again, adhering the strip to the towel.

recipe strip side hem
At each side, turn the recipe strip under 1″ to make a double hem.

Make a double hem by turning the raw edge under 1/2″.

hemmed recipe side
Wrap your double hemmed side around to the back of the towel and stitch close to the loose edge.

Make a double fold at the end of your trim and pin it to the back of your towel along the edge of the recipe strip.

stitching trim
Place your trim along the top edge, just overlapping your recipe strip and stitch, using a forward and reverse stitch at each end.
pinless trim stitch
I find it easier to just lay my trim on the strip and stitch a few inches at a time, instead of pinning the trim all the way across the towel.
back of recipe towel
Repeat this step at the bottom of your recipe strip and the back should look something like this when you are done.
recipe towel up close
Here is a close-up of the finished recipe strip.

And there you have it! A recipe tea towel that is sure to bring a smile to any Mama’s face.

These would be such a fun wedding gift for a bride with a favorite recipe from her Mom and new Mom-in-law too. Or a favorite holiday recipe for a housewarming gift.

wooden spoons and recipes

Who’s your first recipe tea towel recipient? And what recipe will you be using? I have lots of ideas of who I could make these for. In the meantime, we’ll be trying Emily’s “what we believe to be a” smoothie recipe and we’ll keep you posted as to it’s thumbs up or thumbs down status.


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