Bargain: Basement Cabinets!

Bargain: Basement Cabinets! is not the same as “Bargain Basement” Cabinets …

Ever had one of those 6 weeks projects that you’re almost half way through 8 weeks later? Yeah, same here! This weekend I’m hoping to start painting our new basement cabinets. How about a quick look?

Basement cabinets
These three cabinets may or may not be cheaper than a dinner bill for all seven of us.

The plan is for a one wall kitchenette, as we are only allowed 2 appliances per city code. Let me add, as frustrating and ridiculous as building codes can be, we’ve appreciated the helpfulness of each inspector we’ve worked with in this process. Even when we didn’t pass the inspection the first time.

The last two cities we’ve lived in had some sort of discount building supply warehouse. They’re not always easy to find, but if you ask around you’ll learn all sorts of money saving secrets. In Lexington we have the Restore for used cabinets and entire kitchens, but we also have a place called Salvage Building Materials of Lexington.

Bathroom vanity
This guy was the most expensive at $100.
Purchase, Return, Purchase …

We started by purchasing 4 unstained cabinets, 3 for the kitchenette and 1 for the bathroom. We brought them home, unloaded them, and decided we wanted a little higher quality.

So we loaded them back up and headed back to the store. I’m not the only one that does this, right?

We headed back to our local building salvage store but this time, we headed to the aisle they refer to as their “graveyard”.

The big difference? The plan was changed to painted instead of stained cabinets, which meant it didn’t matter one bit what color the cabinets were. We selected 4 cabinets ranging from $25 – $100 each! $200 later, the cabinets were loaded and I was on my way home.

$50 cabinet
Then there’s this one at $50.
Our Kitchenette Plan

The kitchenette cabinets include two 18″ drawer bases and a 30″ sink base and bathroom vanity.

Here’s what we “gave up” in these cabinets …

  • identical door fronts on all the cabinets
  • slightly narrower cabinets than we originally wanted
  • a missing door on one of the kitchen cabinets
$25 cabinet
This identical base cabinet was only $25 because of the missing door.

Here’s why it was worth it …

  • The adventure of painted cabinets instead of the same cherry stained maple cabinets in our kitchen. Isn’t it always fun to do something a little more creative than the off-the-shelf options?
  • Higher quality cabinets
  • Soft close drawers, because we’re all about the hoity and the toity …
  • The $600 we saved is going into another AWESOME feature in the basement that we’re super excited about! More about that in another post.
Sink base
This little gal is my absolute favorite! Not for her $25 price tag, but for the sink we have to go in it!

Soon there will be a post about the painting process. And a little about the counter tops, and faucets, and fixtures ….

So, how about you? Do you have any discounted building supply sources in your area? I do hope so! Do you prefer stained or painted cabinets? If you were painting cabinets, what color would you use?

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2 thoughts on “Bargain: Basement Cabinets!

  1. Exciting, Beth! (I don’t think you sleep much, do you? Between blogging, crafting, bargain hunting, and all the hats you must wear, you must just get a cat nap in here or there. Anyway, sounds fun!) Can’t wait to see the finished product as well as your makeover basement!
    I am partial to red so that would be my color choice, just for fun! Red kitchen together with food! What could be better?!

    1. My secret? Kids are all old enough to drive their own cars to their jobs (which they have to purchase their cars and part of college) and they make their own meals when life gets crazy. Boom! Trust me, sleep is a priority at this season of life or I can’t stand to be around my own tired self!
      We are going with a red door for a little white rental house we just found for a steal. I’ll definitely have a pic of that one for you!

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