Celebration upon Celebration

Some months are just packed full of one celebration right after another, even one right on top of another. Occasionally it’s one week, seven days worth of big events. And every now and again, there’s that one day. One day when several people close to you are celebrating major events.

29th Birthdays

Take today for instance. Today is the birthday of one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world. It’s her 29th. Again. Or not. Our continuing friendship requires that I not reveal her year of birth, other than to note that it was not nearly as long ago as mine.

Just two years ago we had what we like to lovingly refer to as her biggest birthday party ever.

Bestest friends
There’s not much better than celebrating with forever friends – especially when it’s both Mamas and their girls!

We’ve been friends since our kids were little, even before some of them were born. Between our 4 and her 5, play days were always full of energy and adventure … at least for the kids. Us Mamas tried to complete an entire sentence a time or two and mix up cookie dough to nibble on before we were discovered. Sometimes that worked, other times not so much. We’ve been there for the birth of babies, the loss of parents, the celebration of holidays and all sorts of huge milestones with our kids.

Two years ago, she was gracious enough to coordinate one of the biggest celebrations for our family to date. Our girl’s wedding. On her birthday. And what a day that was.

their big day
Their big day.
2nd Anniversaries

These two had dated for four years. Three of those being extra long because they were living several states away from one another.

It wasn’t easy for them. But it was good.

And it led to this moment …

first look bw
The moment they had anticipated FOREVER!

And it was worth the wait.

Now two years later, they find themselves in a new home in a new city and new state, finding new jobs. Our city and state! For now – our very home!

What a fun surprise to have them move here with us. And for all the terrible stories you here of kids moving back in, it’s been a pretty sweet month together.

wedding commnion
A wedding communion moment

Crowded? Yes. Chaotic? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely yes. And also temporary.

Soon they’ll find their own place to live here in town. All the while adding memories and anniversaries to their marriage. And we get to be a part of those daily moments.

Celebration upon Celebration

So today is a good day to pause and be grateful …

… for great lifelong friends

… for celebrations and milestones

… for boyfriends who become son-in-laws

… and kids who choose to come home

… and the possibilities ahead in each of these

wedding look
We’re looking forward to so many more days of celebration.

What are you celebrating today? This week?



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