Storage Solutions| Chalkboard labels and shelving

A few weeks ago I shared one of my favorite storage solutions in our basement – the cantilevered shelves. They’ve been super sturdy and functional without costing a lot of time or money.

Cantilevered Shelving
cantilevered shelving
Storage solutions | Building Cantilevered Shelving and Chalkboard labels
Chalkboard Paint Shelf Front

All of those features are great, but the most functional aspect is the chalkboard surfaces. Steve added shelf fronts to make them even sturdier and it’s the perfect place for some chalkboard paint.

freshly painted shelves
Freshly painted shelf fronts filled with all things Christmas. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can’t have too many Christmas trees.
Chalkboard Labels

Adding chalkboard labels to each storage tote makes locating that one sweater or vase or whatever random thing we need at the time hassle-free. You can buy chalkboard contact paper already cut into fun little shapes and sizes. Or you can buy an entire roll of the stuff and cut your own.

tidy closet
All tidied up and actually a functional and enjoyable space now.

Unfortunately, the contact paper doesn’t like to stick by itself, so I encouraged it with some Modge Podge. Using a cheap sponge brush, paint the modge podge on the back of the contact paper and adhere it to your tote. You’ll want a damp paper towel to wipe up the glue that seeps out from the edges.

labels take 2
If you look real close you may be able to tell that there are actually 2 labels layered here. That’s what happens when you skip the seasoning step and the chalk doesn’t want to wipe off very well. Not a big deal though – just slap another label on top and you’re good to go!

Give it a few minutes and you’re ready to write on it.

more chalkboard labels
This thrifted shelving unit holds Chick-fil-a fry boxes wrapped in contact paper and labeled with more chalkboard contact paper.

As with most chalkboards, season your surfaces by going over it with the side of a piece of chalk. You can wipe it off with an eraser of dry paper towel. Some surfaces may receive chalk better if you repeat this process. And that’s it.

You can use regular chalk or a chalkboard marker. The markers are best removed with a damp paper towel.

And if in a few years the chalk doesn’t seem to want to come off very well, then just slap on another coat of paint, or add a new sticker as needed.

Storage Solutions | Chalkboard Labels and Shelving
wrapping station
There’s even room at the end for an antique field table to wrap presents without ever having to go fetch paper, scissors and tape.

It’s really amazing how one or two items can make organizing so straightforward and simple! I’ve used lots of organizing systems over the years and I have to say chalkboard anything is absolutely my favorite, hands down!

canning jars
Just in case you missed it the first time, there are actually decorations in the closet now. This is big news people!

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