Summer Thriving | Photo Session Fun

A few weeks ago I shared about our favorite ways to satisfy hungry vacation appetites.  And today, we have a fun photo session idea to upgrade your summer surviving to summer thriving!

I’m guessing that your social media feed has been blowing up these past two months with graduation and wedding photos just like mine. It’s fun to celebrate with friends and their kids as they reach these milestones on their journey, even if it’s only through online pictures and well-wishing.

My favorite pictures have always been those where the subject’s personality shines through.

I have to say when this came across my screen I cracked up and did the whole ROFLOL thing. I could be wrong here, but it seems right to put that in all caps because that’s how hard I was laughing. 

Summer Thriving | Photo Session Fun
Livi's senior pic
The caption possibilities are limitless here!

Our niece Olivia was among the graduates of 2016 and she has a crazy fun sense of adventure. Her mom is our family photographer and her brother is the family videographer. Needless to say, she’s comfortable around a camera.

Here’s her fun take on “Senior Pictures” …

livi smiling
Apparently, she had moved past the crazy walker lady moment here!
Livi's headshot
Her Ms. Senior America head shot pose…
livi's walker
She may be using a walker, but it looks like that won’t be slowing her down one bit!
Livi's question
Requesting 2 lumps of sugar for her afternoon tea?
Walker lifts
Lifting weights, senior style.

I don’t even know how many times I have scrolled through these pics and keep trying to choose my favorite. They’re all such fun that I finally gave up on the favorite thing!

Now it’s your turn …

When the kids get bored this summer, pull out a camera or phone, dig through the closets and let the cameras roll.

Don’t have fun props or clothes at home? Check out a local thrift store and make a day of it, picnic lunch included.


From “Senior Pictures” to a “Heading to Work” portfolio to a “Hollywood Photo Shoot”, the possibilities are endless. And most likely, the number of times you scroll through the completed pictures will be too!

Because dahling …

Livi go for it
When you have a fabulous idea and a willing subject or two, you just go for it!

And when you post your photos to social media, and in the comments here, add a #summerphotofun hashtag. I’ll be waiting!



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