Thanks Dad!

thanks dad!

Thanks Dad!

For all you dads out there…
dad at basils
Thanks for showing us the world and giving us the courage to go out and explore it.
For all you grandpas out there…
Dad & Steve
Thanks for words of warning and words of wisdom.
For all you boys aspiring to be men. Watching and learning.
Smith & Nate
And for keeping it real and amusing along the way.

Before you know it you get the privilege, responsibility and honor of being Dad. To your own tribe, and a myriad of others that God may bring across your path.

For all you men standing in the gap as A FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS.

Thanks for showing up. Again. And again. And again.

And in so doing, showing us the value of perseverance. Showing us that everything worth having is worth working for.

Even more than that, thanks for your sacrifice.

And thanks for your leadership.

And most of all for your love.

And if for some reason, you’re worried about not doing this “Dad thing” perfectly – Stop.

Just keep being Dad, following His lead and trusting His grace to cover the rest.





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