We’re all a little bit broken

We’re all a little bit broken.

Broken by words. Broken by unspeakable acts.

Brokenness is no respecter of gender or race or sexuality or religion.

It’s that uninvited guest overstaying it’s welcome in every one of our lives.

Some weeks it seems we can’t get away from it. Even when the tragedy strikes complete strangers. We’re all created in the same image, and somehow that truth brings us to grieve as one community.

Brokenness is inevitable.

But healing from our brokenness is not.

This has been my prayer this week …

Psalm 34:18
psalm 34:18
We’re all a little bit broken.

With so many broken this week by tragic accidents, acts of violence, acts of terror how can we possibly mend?

He’s the only place I know where I can leave my own brokenness. And I know it’s true. He is close to the brokenhearted. He can and does save those who are crushed in spirit.

Every single day.




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