Crisscrossing and Intersecting


It seems summer schedules are just packed full of adventure, aren’t they?  Some days it becomes a bit much for a Mama to keep up with.

And suddenly it dawns on her that these adventurous schedules will bring more crissing and crossing than intersecting. Us Mamas simply must have the intersecting for things to be right deep down in our souls. It’s how we’re wired.

Intersecting matters
Intersecting matters!

Even if the intersecting is only for a snippet of hours. It’s still quite necessary. So much so that we’re willing to travel for it. And we may even be able to convince others to tag along. Though I must say, it usually isn’t a hard sell.


That’s exactly what our next handful of hours will look like. An early morning drive through the mountains with the hubby and the sisters taking turns behind the wheel. With plenty of snacks and anticipation to make the time pass by right quickly, I’m sure.

Nate's Spanish song

All for a highly anticipated late afternoon and evening with our camp counselor boy. To see his face, meet his new friends, hug his neck and hear just a few of his stories. It’s sure to be a late night that won’t last nearly long enough, followed by an early morning hike up Rattlesnake Mountain and the promise of “the most spectacular sunrise you’ve ever seen, mom! Honest!”

copperhead skinning

And back into the car to head home again, with hearts full of moments to treasure until the end of this summer’s adventures. I’m sure there will be a few tales from the two who stayed behind and the ever faithful furball too.

Mother's Day 2015

So if you’re looking for me, I’ll be right here. At this intersection we’ve created. This place where we’ve pushed the pause button on the crissing and crossing for a matter of hours to soak up a bit of together.

And next summer? I’m sure it will bring more than it’s fair share of adventure too. They always do, don’t they?

Mother's Day 2016

What sort of adventures are you up to this weekend?

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