From Russia with love

Almost three weeks ago, we put our youngest on an airplane for the grandest adventure of her life. She met up with her Grandpa and cousin and a team of about a dozen for this much-anticipated trip / rite of passage in our family. You can find a few more details and some of the backstory on the Russia trips here and here.

Today she returns home and we couldn’t be more excited. Things have been a little quiet around here, but we’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the other side of the world through her eyes. Here are a few of the highlights …

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague view
A view of Prague – one of my favorite pictures.

They spent much of their first week taking in all that is Prague, Czech Republic, seeing some of the most renowned landmarks.

Prague Astronomical Clock
Prague Astronomical Clock
Klementinum Library
Klementinum Library – considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world
And lots of old Architecture …
Old prague building
From the outside …
Prague stained glass
… and the inside …
Prague daytime shot
Some beautiful buildings by day …
Prague night buildings
… and more buildings by night.
From Russia with love

And then they headed to Russia to do a bit of sightseeing in Moscow and teaching English in a village.

Flying into Moscow
Flying into Moscow
Alexandrovsky Gardens
Alexandrovsky Gardens
Making new friends all along the way
Prague guard
This guy didn’t seem so interested in posing for a picture.
Queen Claire
And there were these guys who were all about the pictures.

Apparently for $4 you can get your picture made AND they will call you the Queen. Not a bad deal!

Claire's little buddy
And then there were the kids.
Claire's hug
They’re always her favorite!

The pictures, snap chats and videos are coming to a close for this chapter.  But they will be quickly followed by layers upon layers of stories that will spill out over the next few days and weeks.  Those are always some of my favorites -seeing the world through the eyes of our kids and hearing about new friendships. Somehow in their telling of the stories, we feel like we too have been part of their grand adventure.

St. Basil's Cathedral
I’m sure there’s a story behind this picture.

Besides, it’s been a bit too quiet around her without her fun personality bouncing around.

What adventures have you been able to enjoy this summer?



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