If there’s no “before” picture, is it really a makeover?

So my question for the day … If there’s no “before”picture, is it really a makeover?

This little guy came home with me one day from the ReStore. I honestly wasn’t quite sure where he would end up living, but at $1, I decided it was worth the risk that I could find a good place for him.

before picture

And sure enough, he’s been quite at home on the sewing room wall holding jars of buttons.

For about 6 months that is, then I took him down to make a little change.

The only change? A coat of white paint. He hangs out above my cutting table and as much as I love wood, the dark color was just too much on the wall. At this point you’ll just have to imagine the same shelf in a dark wood with a high gloss finish. I just know I took pictures of it, and I’ll probably find them next week since I’m posting about it now. Ah well, such is life!

Anyway, a bit of sanding, priming, painting and distressing later … worth all 100 pennies.

Not a bad price for some fun storage in the sewing room, and a gentle reminder to take lots of pictures and label them better … or something like that.

If there's no
Well is it?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does these sorts of things! Anyone?

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