Ever have one of those projects that calls for a bit of regrouping?

You know the ones. You find some inspiration, gather supplies, plan out the process and even tell your creative friends all about how awesome it’s going to be, All the while envisioning it’s wonderfulness.

painting lids
The brilliance of chalkboard painted lids

You sit down to create the next great wonder of the world … and then … well… as it turns out, it’s not so wonderful after all. It’s as if you can actually hear the wind being sucked right out of your sails.

At that point all you can really do is walk away for a bit.

Take a breath. Look for a new perspective.


I had one of those last week. I was going to spice up some jar lids with chalkboard paint. They were going to be so cool. And then … they weren’t.

The paint was all splotchy and rough. And it didn’t cover well, even after a few coats. And it wasn’t at all what I had imagined. So I walked away for a bit. And then I got busy and forgot about them.

splotchy lids
#craftfail #ornot

Until yesterday when I saw them again. Oops, I forgot about those!

Life’s like that isn’t it?

We have all sorts of grand plans, ideas and goals.

We gather what’s necessary, plan the process, invite others to join us … and then, just like that.


We walk away for a bit to take a breath. We look for a new perspective.

We regroup.

And then comes the important part – the remembering and choosing to get back to it.

Some days it’s too easy to give in to the frustration and discouragement of plans gone awry. It just feels too exhausting to keep at it, doesn’t it?

But regrouping done well allows time to breathe, to consider a new perspective and the necessary hope to dive right back in.


So whether it’s something as seemingly trivial as a Pinterest fail craft project, or as significant as a difficult conversation in the healing of a fractured relationship  or  broken nation … take a breath, look for fresh perspective, regroup. And then?

Well then it’s time to get right back at it.

There’s something compelling that happens inside us when we jump back into the tough stuff. Even the tackling of the insignificant teaches us to persevere to face the weighty things when they come our way.

If you’re looking for me this weekend, I’ll most likely be in the garage redeeming my recent jar lid painting fail creation. And all the while, I’ll be praying for fresh perspective on how to love better in a relationship that I’ve allowed to splinter a bit here and there.

It’s not about jar lids. It’s about perspective. It’s about the beauty that comes on the other side of clinging to goals and  sticking with people when life isn’t turning out exactly as we had planned.

And it matters.

May your weekend be filled with some healthy regrouping, friends.


About Beth Moore

A Christ-follower, wife, mom to 4, lifestyle blogger, seamstress and seeker of daily glimpses of God's grace and redemption.

2 thoughts on “Regrouping

  1. Great lesson. I love how God can teach us things through everyday life, even chalkboard paint and jar lids! By the way, your lids don’t look bad. If you don’t like them though, maybe try distressing them a bit with very fine sandpaper or dry brushing them with paint. Although, that would make the whole concept of writing on them null and void. Hope you find something that pleases your heart and you have a great weekend in the process!

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