The pivotal practice of Reframing

The practice of seeing Grace
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The pivotal practice of reframing

“All is grace”

It’s the closing line that I first read on some of Ann Voskamp’s writing.

It’s amazing how much of a punch those three little words can pack.

When I remember them, that is.

I’m not naturally the grace-giver I would like to be. For myself or for others.

flowers in frame
Pausing to see the grace of blooming flowers
The pivotal practice of Reframing

The Collins English Dictionary defines reframing as, “To look at, present, or think of (beliefs, ideas, relationships, etc in a new way) in a new or different way.”

It’s one of those counseling concepts that serves us well in the day-to-day.

It’s not a matter of denying facts or dismissing the consequences of a situation.

But the choosing of a new perspective.

A reminder to reframe

After reading Ann’s book One Thousand Gifts the first time, I spent several months searching for the perfect picture frame.

My reframing reminder

It lives on a wall in our kitchen. The center of our home. Where we all come together to eat and clean on a regular basis.

It can be such a sweet time.

Or a stressful time. It just depends.

That’s where I need reminding the most.

reframed mess
Though it looks like a stress-inducing mess, it’s really the evidence of a child who just returned home from the adventure of a lifetime. One she will carry with her all her days.
All is grace

The beauty of sweet times. An opportunity to learn and grow and live community in the tough times. And the fact that those we’re with, including ourselves, are the priority.

This rooted in love reframing grace truly is the only way to do life together.

May you discover the “all is grace” on this ordinary day.

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