To Russia with love …

We’ve been flooded with pics and snap chats from the other side of the world for a full week now. I’ve been a bit more tied to my phone for that very reason, as I check for updates and glimpses into the “to Russia with love” adventure.

Claire at St. Basil's
The last set of grandkids on their grand adventure.

This morning’s pics were from Red Square. It’s at the top of the tourist “must do list” for Moscow. It’s iconic. I suddenly realized that we now have one of almost our entire family posing with cousins, an Aunt and Uncle or Grandpa in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

Katy St. Basil's
The first set with the G’pa at St. Basil’s.

I knew in my head that we had all been there, but somehow seeing this morning’s picture just brought a flood of gratitude. To watch our kids experience such a grand adventure that we could never have imagined, and to do so with their cousins, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle.

Nate & Ab in Germany
The second set exploring in Germany.

My memory fails me so much more than I like these days, which is precisely why I have to record these gifts somewhere. Whether that’s in my 1000 gifts journal or here in this space, for my own sake and that of our kids, I have to make note of it.

Em in Tomsk
The third set making new friends in Siberia.

So today I make note of the blessing of travel. The blessing of family. The blessing of new friends. The blessing of grand adventures. The blessing of ministry wherever we may find ourselves. The blessing of things that are so much bigger than we are.

Dad, Olga & I
The Grandpa and I enjoying our own adventure.

So how about you? What blessings are you counting today? How do you prefer to make note of them?

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