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Our Glamour Farms Fashion Friday has sparked a little project…

It seems that quite a few of you joined us for our Fashion Friday with Glamour Farms intro last week. What a fun boutique! This new relationship with them had me thinking about all sorts of things over the weekend. Namely, my entire philosophy on building my wardrobe and how that has shifted in the past 12 months, and the purging of my closet several months back that has me itching to actually do a little makeover. And then there’s the organizing that has been started, but not quite finished and how this organizing DIY can be completed with a minimal amount of time, energy and expense. So today we’re talking  clothes, closets, organizing and DIYs.

budget friendly closet challenge
Who’s up for a little challenge?
On Clothes …

For most of my life, I’ve been a thrift shopper, seamstress and avid hand-me-down receiver.  I still am, especially when I can get a thrifted or handed down item that I can tweak a bit, I guess I just get a kick out of it. What I didn’t seem to realize until more recently is that somewhere in the midst of this wardrobe building approach, I’ve kind of lost my own sense of style. Not only that, I’ve slipped into an unconscious sort of “5 shirts for $20? Yeah, that’ll work!” mentality.

On Closets…

Fast forward to this past spring when I started a serious purge after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. At that point, my closet underwent a serious purge, like complete-evacuation-no-holds-barred-clear-the-room purge. I didn’t pare down all the way to a 35 item capsule wardrobe, but I only put back about 1/4 – 1/3 of my original items. What I found was that I really started liking what I was wearing from day to day, instead of just thinking, “this should work for today.” I also hadn’t realized how much energy I was putting into deciding what to wear every day when I could be investing that energy in something else. On top of that, as a busy mom with 4 mostly grown children still under our roof, I really enjoy the calm of a closet that isn’t over-stuffed. Though it still gets a bit jumbled, like in these pics when we had just returned home and unloaded from our weekend in the mountains.

Closet right before
*As I was editing these pics all I could hear running thru my head was the Cupid Shuffle, so now that will be your earworm for the day. You’re welcome!* “To the right, to the right, to the right, to the right…”
And back to Clothes …

The other surprising result of the closet purge was how it really began to refine my own style. I suddenly saw the value of spending more money on fewer items and the wisdom of collecting only things that I really loved. So, instead of buying 5 “that’ll do” shirts for $20, I would rather spend a little more to get a couple shirts that I really love. I end up with less closet clutter, aka. stress in my world, and I’ve given myself permission to take a little better care of myself in terms of my wardrobe. The result has been decidedly freeing and fun, another reason why I’m so thoroughly enjoying the new Fashion Friday series with Glamour Farms.

On Organizing …

Yet another unexpected thing I discovered was an even stronger desire to organize my closet space, and I already love to organize things. I think tidiness may actually be one of my love-languages. When we moved into our house I cut down some of our moving boxes, covered them in lightweight fabric to store a variety of items. The plan was to stitch up some magazine worthy fabric liner/covers with little labels and cool features. That was almost  5 years ago. Technically, I wasn’t going for the magazine worthy status, but I often battle my perfectionist ideals on projects that can quickly immobilize any efforts to move forward on said project … like any movement at all, forward, sideways or otherwise!

Left side closet before
“To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left…” *sing along if you know the words*
And on to a DIY …

I’ve decided it’s about time to finish up this little “moving-in” project. And I have another idea to deal with the wire shelving that so many of us have and so few of us really love. They’re functional and affordable, but I’ve dropped too many things between the wires and I think I just have a love of all things wood and natural when possible. Yet, with a basement project, 2 kids still in college and another not far behind, replacing them isn’t a priority right now. So, we’ll see how this little shelf make-over idea that’s rolling around in my head works out.

If I’m going to go to this sort of effort, I might as well add a fresh coat of paint and maybe hang a thing or two on the wall. I’m thinking that treating our closet as part of our living space really just makes sense. My hubby says he may even be motivated to keep his side a little tidier. Bonus! And I know I’ll enjoy the calming touches of beauty when I step in the closet each morning to get dressed, or gather laundry  or slip off my shoes.

In keeping with one of my life’s passions, the plan is to do my level best to do this little closet make-over with what I have. It’s a fun sort of game my dad and I used to play when we had a pile of wood and an afternoon to spend together in his barn. And, just to make it fun for y’all too, I’ll work on making the projects as user-friendly as possible.

Closet center before
*The grand finish …* Now box, now paint, now fold, now hang
Now do it by yourself, now do it by yourself
And how about you?

So what do you say? Anyone else up for the challenge? It doesn’t have to be a closet. it can just be the corner of a room, or an awesome jewelry organizer like this one my sister-in-law shared with us last fall, or storage system for those fall boots we’re all itching to pull out.

Are you up to joining us for a little makeover challenge? Let the rest of us know in the comments what your little project will be and what fun ideas and tips you come across along the way. And, as always, don’ forget to include some before and after pictures.


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  1. Check out these AMAZING slim line hangars. I have one very small closet and must fit a whole season of bulky things in it. These hangars allow twice as much as the regular plastic tube ones! Thus, I call them AMAZING!

    1. Yay, Amanda! I’m glad you’re joining us and I think you’ll be as amazed as I was at how much “calmer” a closet can feel. Let’s shoot for September 15th and see how much we can get done by then. That gives us just over 3 weeks to purge, plan and style our new space and to make it more interesting in the meantime, I’ll be working on a few printables and/or a giveawa! I’m so glad you’re joining us and can’t wait to see what creative things you com up with.

    1. Woohoo! The more the merrier, you know we always have more fun when we do things together! We’re shooting for final pictures by the 15th and working on some printables and/or a giveaway in the meantime. Glad you’re in, Tori and can’t wait to see what magicalness you come up with!

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