Fashion Friday with Glamour Farms | Isabella

Fashion Friday with Glamour Farms | Isabella

You know that one awesome friend you share all sorts of interests with, like favorite restaurants, movies and chocolate bars? And then you meet another friend and your first thought is, “Oh these two need to meet, they would just love one another!” You know what I mean, right? Well, I have a friend I’ve been so very excited to introduce to you. Technically, it’s a whole family of new friends who run a clothing boutique in central Illinois, called Glamour Farms. They sell fun affordable clothing for women ranging in sizes from juniors to 3XL. And today we kick off a new series called Fashion Friday with Glamour Farms, Isabella being our highlighted piece this month.

I met this family two weeks ago at the Haven Conference in Atlanta.  Haven is a DIY and home design conference but, home bloggers like to design more than just great interiors. So, Glamour Farms was there with racks and racks of awesome clothes and their high-energy staff to assist each of us!


** This post contains some affiliate links. Basically, that means if you click on the links I’ve provided and decide to make a purchase, then I’ll make a little commission. It does not cost you anything extra, it just makes it easier for you to find products. THANK YOU for following along on this grand adventure at SoMuchMoore with Glamour Farms!**

Just one of the many ways to style the Isabella Tunic/Dress with the capri leggings in ink
The Fabric Perks

I pretty much fell in love with the print on the mint colored Isabella tunic/dress the first time I walked through the Glamour Farms booth at Haven. It’s just so cheery, fun and feminine! The great thing is the Isabella is typically available in a variety of prints and colors.

Then I just had to touch the fabric because I’m a seamstress and that’s what we do. I can’t tell you how often I have to tell myself not to grab the sleeve of someone’s blouse or dress because it’s just one of those fabric-loving instincts that apparently creeps people out. Who knew?! As it turns out, the Glamour Farms gals encourage such things!

Isabella wedge short tunic
You can also opt for a slightly more casual sandal for a different summer look, or even wear the tunic without the leggings.

So let me just say, this fabric is a polyester/spandex blend, which is basically code for super comfortable and forgiving for us Mamas entering our “wisdom years”.  It’s as comfortable as jammies, but not as thick as other stretchy fabrics that are too warm to wear through the summer. That makes it the best of both worlds!

I brought it home from my conference weekend, pulled it out of my suitcase two days later and it didn’t have the slightest wrinkle in it anywhere. Not only does it resist wrinkles, it folds up small enough to tuck in a carry-on bag for your next trip unless of course, you decide to wear it instead.

Isabella and white jeans
If you’re not really into leggings, then try a pair of white jeans for a fun summer outfit, but I still recommend you try the leggings, they’re awesome!
The Construction Perks

I’m a bit of a fabric snob, just trying to own my issues here, so the next thing I tend to look at is the construction of a garment. The seams are solid with a well-aligned print. And it’s not like those cheap shirts that will twist on you after a few runs through the washer and dryer. Score!

The Basics Perks – Leggings and Shapers

The basic crop leggings in ink are a great option to transition through the seasons too. They are considered shapewear, but they’re comfortable enough to wear all day without feeling like you just really want to rush home to peel them off. The crop length looks great with summer flats or wedges and can transition to booties or riding boots for fall and winter. I’m pretty sure these should be collected in every color!

isabella denim jacket
When the weather starts cooling off in the coming weeks, I’ll simply add my favorite riding boots and denim jacket.

The other part of the basics collection that you can’t even see is the “Ahh-mazing” long tank shaper in sandstone. It is also shapewear that can be srcunched up without adding bulk, as I did in these pictures, or worn long to come down to almost mid-thigh. One of the cool features about the tank shapers, whether you choose the long or short version, is that one side has a scoop neck and the other has a V-neck cut, so you can choose which one you want to go with for each outfit.

The white jeans are from my own collection, but they are similar to the Ava Hyper Stretch Skinny Jeans.  Fun thing about their stretch jeans, I was able to wear 2 sizes smaller than my usual range of sizes. That’s enough to make you want to buy a pair in every color right then and there.

Isabella denim over shoulder
A dress that is comfy AND can be styled for so many seasons and occasions AND makes you feel pretty is what we call a trifecta here in Kentucky!
The Customer Perks

One more thing, that really has nothing, and possibly everything to do with Glamour Farms. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those who believes in the importance of standing behind your product and not only that but treating “customers” with the same grace you extend to friends. I’ve found wonderful products before but have walked away because the service was so terrible. If I’m going to go so far as to associate my name with someone or something it has to be someone or something that I believe in. And y’all, I do!

So, go check them out and see what you think. Just to sweeten the gift of your time browsing around their site, they’ve included a $10 off coupon on all regular-priced products for SoMuchMoore readers. That makes their already reasonable prices even better.  And while you’re there, take a minute to read through their about page and you’ll really start to understand why I think you’ll soon count them as friends too! code
Use coupon code SOMUCHMOORE631 to get $10 off, details above
What I’m Wearing

Isabella  Tunic/Dress in Mint/Multi – I’m wearing a small

Basic Crop Leggings in Ink – One size fits most

Ahh-Mazing Tank Long Shaper in Sandstone – One size fits most


Just in case you wondered, here are a few of the comments I’ve received over the course of the 5 or 6 hours I’ve worn my new Isabella Tunic/Dress …

… “I love your dress!”  from a random 20-something girl at the movie theater

… “You look gorgeous!” from my hubby as we headed out for date night

… no less than 10 “I love your dress” type compliments from a variety of people at church, and not just the ones who always have something sweet to say

… “Hey Mom, can I wear that one dress you got to school tomorrow?” from my almost 17-year-old high school junior

Makes you wonder what compliments you’ll get when your Glamour Farms order arrives, right?

As always, don’t forget to include pictures in the comments of how you choose to style any new treasures you ordered.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. Beth, I’m Betsy and Tori’s mom. I’m so glad you and Tori connected at Haven. I still remember the delicious pizza rolls you brought us when Betsy had her surgery!

    1. Oh my goodness Susan, I totally forgot about that, but I pretty much always make them when kids are involved because they’re so kid-friendly. And I love your girls! What fun Tori and I had, and I’m just glad she’s still speaking to me after I called her Betsy for most of the weekend. It’s such a blessing to have a friend to journey with on this new and exciting blogging adventure!

    1. Aren’t they just an awesome family business and fun to work with, Stacey?! The Isabella is one of my absolute favorites, and the Something’s Gotta Give Tunic that you wore for your post was in my favorites pile too! I hope you’re enjoying your time with them as much as I am.

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