Messy Family Olympics

Just in case you get a little bored with seeing the same commercials over and over during the Olympics for the 27th time … Let’s revisit the Messy Family Olympics held every Christmas with the Moore clan in south Florida.

… this was originally posted in December of 2015 …

Messy Family Olympics

It all started last Christmas.

2 cousins. 842 miles. 9 participants. 9 illustrious judges.

1 unforgettable afternoon of chaos, laughter and making memories.

messy family olympics 2014
Moore Games 2014: The Grand Finale

Which led to this little trailer for the 2015 Olympics. And a little talkin’ smack, of course!

We can hardly wait for this year’s final video and 600+ pictures!

And yes, ideas are already brewing for next year’s contest and dethroning the reigning champions. Even though deep down, we all know the title really isn’t the point! 

The competition and chaos escalate quickly with the opening of the 2015 Family Olympics


Now you can take the next few commercials to plan your own Family Olympics, the messier the better! I’m guessing you may have a few other fun games to add to the line-up too. Let us know in the comments below so we can add them to our line-up!

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